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25 objects found by chance that would…
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25 objects found by chance that would make anyone wonder ...

December 13, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

We are led to think of "chance" as something exceptional, unique, but we do not realize that in reality, chance dominates much of our day and our life.

In fact, most things are coincidental or random, and only a very small part is a direct result of a programmed action.

The images that follow refer to random episodes that however have led to strange discoveries and in some cases, even good fortune!

1. This mobile phone was found incorporated into a rock! Some say that it can still be used!

2. These Roman tiles dating back to the 2nd century show the imprints of a cat! Even at that time cats were very mischievous!


3. This abandoned car has become a squirrel's hoarding place.

4. I bought a frozen pizza and found two in one box!

5. About 15 years ago my father lost his ring and immediately thought that it had been stolen. But today, while working in our garden, he found something in the soil ...


6. At Ikea someone left a message inside a pan ...

7. We found this native bee hive in my parents' water meter.(Brisbane, Australia)


8. A cloverleaf grew inside the trunk of a tree!

9. The result of 108 years of road paving in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA).


10. This morning I woke up and I found my 88 lb (40 kg) dog crouched on top of the wardrobe! I have no idea how long it had been there.

11. This morning I got up and found this little owl in the kitchen sink.

12. Our cat has a habit of stealing and hiding our elastic hair bands. We had no idea where he was hiding them until we moved the wardrobe.

13. Evidently, this tree trunk grew around a golf ball!

14. This light bulb has spent so much time at sea that a colony of mollusks has settled on it.

15. In this house, there is a staircase that leads to nowhere ...

16. My dog ​​collected these balls from parks. Please, help yourself! (They have been washed!)

17. In Indonesia, there are lizards that resemble small dragons.

18. The look on my cat's face when I found his bottle cap stash!

19. Here's where you can buy a magic broomstick at a good price.

20. This is what a friend of mine found on his doorstep at 2:00 am when he returned home from work! It was his neighbor's son after a New Year's Eve party!

21. Harry Potter in the role of a lady in a portrait painting.

22. I came home and found my father drying a crow and its feathers!

23. "Real dinosaur eggs, not burnt bread!" This happens when you work in a bakery!

24. A relative of mine found a lot of ancient coins in his house.

25. My cat found and brought me back a $10 bill.

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