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25 practical jokes between brothers…
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25 practical jokes between brothers and sisters that deserve to be told!

February 18, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

There is no one who can take the place of a brother or sister! The bond of blood between siblings creates an insoluble relationship that, however, does not always experience happy times!

Especially during adolescence, siblings often get angry and clash even over simple things and play pranks and practical jokes that will be remembered for life.

Here is a list of situations that have occurred between siblings that deserve to be told. Maybe you can be inspired to architect an evil plan against your own brother or sister!

"My brother is doing some "on the road" traveling and this the only picture I have received from him!"

"Every year, my brother sends me a potato!"


"At my parents' house, I took my sister's photo down and replaced it with one of Putin, but no one has noticed it yet."

"I gave my little brother a Christmas present: "Batteries, toy not included."

"A brother's revenge!"

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"Dear Sister! 
You took my $20. 
This is my revenge. 
Your term paper is here somewhere. 
You know what? 
Each folder 
Contains 3 more folders. 
It will teach you to return money on time. 

So have fun 
While searching for your work. 
It is a lesson 
And you should understand 
That you must return everything. 
With best regards, 
your loving brother. 
Do it. "


"I sent my sister a picture of the party I was having while our parents were absent. She replied to me with this picture --- that is my father."

"Here's how my sister dresses to come with me to school."


"My sister has cut her hair and enjoys leaving locks of hair in the most unexpected places!"

"The humor of my 13-year-old sister."

"What do you want for your birthday?"



"Our sister gave birth to twins, and we know that the first pictures of newborn babies are forever, so we combed our hair, shaved, and dressed for the occasion."

"My sister and her boyfriend are going to our house in the mountains tomorrow, so I left them a surprise for when they turn on the light."

"When your brother tells you that he will be responsible for your birthday cake ..."

"I edited my sister's school photo with Photoshop ..."

"My brother will be with my daughter today and he sent me a picture of them together ..."

"I live in Dallas and my sister has just moved to Austin. Today she asked me to bring her dog to Austin for her. I sent her this picture to let her know that we were setting off!"

"The first trip together with my brother who has just got his driver's license."

"At age 7, his older brother managed to stack 52 Cheerios on his baby brother's head while he slept."

"My sister threw her report card in the garbage can so that our mother would not see it, but I ratted her out!"

"The problem with being the older brother is that you never receive gifts as appealing as those that your younger brother receives."

"My brother kept my dog this weekend and this is how I found him when I went to pick him up."

"My mother forced me to take my brother out with my friends. She asked me to send her a picture --- my brother is the one on the left."

"My brother asked me to look after his house and his dog. I am sure that he will not mind if I have installed an altar dedicated to Terry Crews in his house."

"My brother hates Nicolas Cage, so I decided to prank him by putting more than 1000 photos of Cage's face throughout the house, even in ice cubes!"

"My uncle wanted to hold the baby, but he almost dropped him! Fortunately, the mother, that is to say, his sister, was nearby!'

"I have always told my brother that he dresses like a child and he has always denied it, but yesterday he sent me this picture."

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