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His owner "disappears" in front of his eyes and the Husky dog's reaction will make you die from laughter!

If you searched the Internet for the hashtag #WhatTheFluffChallenge, then the video shot by Sandra Pettersenn along with her beautiful Husky dog Jax would be among the first results you would find.…
Animals Dogs Funny Jokes

15 people who have "Partied Hearty" ... and woken up with a nice "Surprise"

Each of us has memories related to our youth, partying until dawn, and people slightly out of their minds. Even if we remember that stage of our life with a smile on our lips, it is good that type of…

He pretends to feel sick in front of his cat! The animal's reaction will crack you up!

Someone asked him and then he decided to capture everything on film! The question was: "How would my cat react if I felt sick or suddenly died right in front of him?" Many of you are willing to bet that…
Cats Funny Jokes

23 photos of families in which fun and laughter are assured

In family life you never get bored! The life of a family under one roof usually goes on with arguments, discussions, laughter, jokes and moments of joy spent together. Some families are so cohesive that…
Family Funny Jokes

25 practical jokes between brothers and sisters that deserve to be told!

There is no one who can take the place of a brother or sister! The bond of blood between siblings creates an insoluble relationship that, however, does not always experience happy times! Especially…
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18 jokes played on friends and colleagues that you should take note of immediately!

Do you know which is one of the best ways to break the tension and clear your head from the thousand worries that crowd it? Falling victims of (or playing!) a practical joke!  Yes, the people who have…
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