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Gender Reveal ... aren't you supposed…
Toothpaste hacks that go way beyond cleaning your teeth! To eat or to sleep.....that is the question! And the answer?

Gender Reveal ... aren't you supposed to CUT the cake?

April 05, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

This couple is expecting a baby and she has decided to communicate the sex of the baby to her companion in a unique way.

She has prepared a cake and the filling inside this cake will be a blue cream if the child is male, pink if it is a girl. But there is more!

Her companion, Henry, was sleeping blissfully in their bedroom and the cake will end up straight in his face! This is the way that he will get the news that will change his life!

Let's just say that at the beginning he is a bit shocked, but when he realizes that he is about to have a son he can hardly contain himself! Kisses and laughter abound!

Tags: JokesAbsurd


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