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15 people who have "Partied Hearty"…
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15 people who have "Partied Hearty" ... and woken up with a nice "Surprise"

April 12, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Each of us has memories related to our youth, partying until dawn, and people slightly out of their minds.

Even if we remember that stage of our life with a smile on our lips, it is good that type of partying which was decidedly exaggerated is over.

Some people, however, in addition to their memories, can also make use of photos that testify to the absurdity of those times and events --- and the madness that occurs when one is young and far too foolish.

Finding yourself suddenly partying with Frida Kahlo.

An alternative version of the snow angel.


Parties in which everyone is requested to wear evening attire!

It remains to be seen whether this person intentionally dressed like this ...

It's better that this person continues to sleep for a long time ...

image: acidcow.com

Using food from the kitchen is always a good trick!

It has often happened that someone gets home very late and in those cases, any place is good for taking a nap.

image: acicow.com

The party dishes to be washed the next day.

image: acidcow.com

When you eat salty food and drink too much at night and you are too lazy to get up and get a glass of water.

image: acidcow.com

Dinner is on the table!

Sometimes, you can wake up with a different face than usual ...

When your friends begged you to stay ... But you tried to leave!

In the worse case scenario, you can always use the public transport system to take a nap, while returning home.

Wow! It must have been a lot of fun, eh !?

It is rather difficult to reconstruct the sequence of events ...

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