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Photoshop in real life

A Wizard of Photoshop, a bus stop and a lot of hidden cameras ...

Adele dressed up and went to the audition: when it's her turn ... WHOA!

In collaboration with a television show, the singer Adele transformed herself with a fake nose and went to an Adele-impersonator audition. The girls are not normal singers: they're competing to become…
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The toy that every child would like to have

The Air Swimmers are helium balloons with the shape of a fish like sharks which can easily be remote-controlled with an infrared remote control. The remote control pilots the animal by controlling the…
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And you? how would you react to this?

A meteorite is crashing over the city...Help!

A woman finds some bags in the garage: her husband has organised a HUGE surprise !

It's always good to receive a surprises. Whether it's a gift or a visit, it's always nice to break the monotony of everyday life. And this is what Roman Atwood's wife must have thought before returning…
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The elevator prank !

This evil prank in Brazil exceeds every expectation. For the poor victims, being in a defective elevator is in itself a rather horrible experience, but to make matters worse...they are not alone!!
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