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18 jokes played on friends and colleagues that you should take note of immediately!

Do you know which is one of the best ways to break the tension and clear your head from the thousand worries that crowd it? Falling victims of (or playing!) a practical joke!  Yes, the people who have…
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24 parents who are real experts when it comes to playing jokes on their children!

Those who associate being funny or light-hearted with age are greatly mistaken! Who says that when you are young, you must necessarily be funny or nice and that with age, along with a smooth skin, your…
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18 couples in which both she and he are masters at playing practical jokes!

Like so many other things in life, staying in a lasting relationship should require a healthy dose of humor and lightness. How else could you continue to share so much time and space together without…
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13 dads in action showing why being a dad is the most fun job in the world!

A mother, it is known, is a fundamental reference in the life of a child, a unique presence and one of its kind ... but a father is certainly no less! Sometimes, we think that a mother is able to adapt…

Huge Komodo dragon heads toward a tent! This is how to have an UNFORGETTABLE trip!

During a trip to South Africa, in Kruger National Park, this group of friends found themselves the object of curiosity of a very large Komodo dragon that just happened to be passing by. One of the guys…

Twin Mixup Surprise! ... this is literally TWO MUCH!

Parents know how to distinguish their twins, even when they are like two drops of water. However, when one of the two twins no longer lives in the same country, finding the two twins together without…
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