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She puts some apples on a sheet of puff pastry: the end result is beautiful and ... delicious!

A quality recipe is not only identified by the flavor, but also the way in which it's presented. That's why these exquisite apple roses have all the credentials to impress even the most demanding of guests.…

Put a boiled egg in a glass of water. 3 seconds later ... enjoy !

The best tricks are those who achieve a perfect result and save you time. Often, you just need to combine simple element to get incredible results. Find out in this video how to peel a boiled egg with…
Ideas Kitchen Useful

She bought normal window blinds, but the way she transforms them is brilliant !

Tents are a fundamental aspect of a house, which influence the style and of course the light. If venetian blinds for example are widely used in the furnishing of offices, they are unsuitable and too "cold"…
DIY Ideas

He puts together random pieces of cardboard , but what he does with them is BRILLIANT!

To keep your closet tidy, is a skill that not everyone has, therefore to start in the right way when you fold your clothes can be a big help. This video tutorial explains step by step how to build a clever…
Cute DIY Ideas Useful

It just seems a little flat, but as soon as he touches the walls, everything changes!

The ingenious Christian Schallert lives in Barcelona in an 24 square meters apartment, but has found a way to turn it into a tiny multifunctional space, complete with everything a house may require. AMAZING
Houses Ideas Wtf

Your shoes are too tight? Here's an amazing trick!

It must have happened everyone to buy shoes that are far too tight, and wait for them to shape up which can be a really painful process. So here's a simple and effective way to stretch the shoes in a…
Curious DIY Ideas

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