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Video Ideas

How to tie a shoe lace in 1 second

It's never too late to learn new tricks, especially if they can be useful: in this short video you will have the opportunity to learn how to tie your shoes in a very short time. Have a good run!

She sticks a picture on a wooden board. The result is AWESOME !

If you have a nice photo, why not make it unique, by transforming it into a wooden picture? To do so, simply print it on a standard sheet of paper, take a block of wood, some gel medium (available in…
Art DIY Ideas Useful

A candle and some plastic spoons? Here's how to turn them into something BEAUTIFUL!

What this girl shows you is really simple: by slightly warming a plastic spoon, this becomes flexible and its shape can be changed; then combining the petals that you have created, you can have multicolored…
Curious DIY Ideas

She adds coloring to Crisco: The end result is beautiful... and USEFUL!

Next time you need a candle to warm up your winter afternoons or to relax during summer evenings, remember you can make your own candle simply by adding a few ingredients to Crisco Vegetable…

He combines three simple ingredients and creates a mouth-watering dessert !

With only three ingredients, this man shows you how to create a really tasty ice cream in no time. Starting from the coffee (you decide how much), add condensed milk (200g) and then whip cream (600ml).…

He pours eggs into a muffin tin: his creation is absolutely DELICIOUS !

For this delicious recipe you need very few ingredients (serves 9 "muffin"): - 1 onion - Ham - 8 eggs - Milk - 1/2 tablespoon oil - 1/2 tablespoon yeast - Cheese - Salt - Pepper Follow the very easy steps…

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