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Yoga time !

This cute chihuahua definitely has a special connection with his owner, so deep that it is able to perfectly repeat all his yoga class. Look at his eyes focused on him and his tense muscles in all the…
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A woman finds a paralyzed dog but decides to try the IMPOSSIBLE !

Zeus once lived with a family, but when he began to limp he was brutally abandoned in a shelter for dogs, and would have probably been put down because. Thanks to these volunteers, however, he is given…
Dogs Exciting Moving

A very brave dog...a true hero!

When it comes to helping his friends, this brave labrador doesn't hold back: watch it challenging the strong current to rescue two other dogs in need.

I'm a dog and certainly not afraid of a cat

We are quite sure that all dogs chase cats and they run away?
Animals Cats Dogs Funny

Look at this mom having fun with her cute puppies. Their reaction? Adorable !

Like all other behaviors, also playing is an activity that a mother can teach her pups. In this video, in fact, a husky likes to show her bebies the basics of having fun, which will be important for their…
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You make me die laughing when you eat

This girl is hysterically laughing while she looks at her dog eating popcorn.

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