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A dad films the hilarious "conversation" between his little daughter and the family dog

Puppies and babies have more in common than we think: while they don't speak the same language, they seem to be able to communicate in their way when they come in contact. Even if human language differs…

A hen adopts abandoned puppies: under her wings they find comfort and love

In the animal world, there are some species which seem to have innate maternal instincts, ready to emerge when needed. Some animals, in fact, really seem to have been born with this predisposition and…

A woman passes by a nativity scene and notices a poor cold little dog sleeping in the manger

As Christmas approaches, many cities are lit up with the most beautiful lights and the most imaginative decorations; for those who are particularly religious, the setting up of spectacular nativity scenes…

18 fun photos of dogs that don't realize how huge they are

When adopting a puppy, it is often mistakenly assumed that that wad of fur will remain small and cuddly forever. A thought dictated in part by the desire to never see him grow up and a little by ignorance.…

16 photos of cute animals that just can't fall asleep without their favorite toy

If you thought that only human beings could get extremely attached to inanimate objects and toys, you are very wrong. Being too materialistic is certainly frowned upon, but no one would ever dream of…

A young man dives into icy waters to rescue a dog entangled in a rope

What wouldn't we do to save a person in difficulty, and the same thing could be said for our four-legged friends. A 24-year-old man actually went viral for having saved a poor dog which was been dangerously…

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