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This woman films her dog tenderly asleep in a cradle next to her daughter

Anyone who has had a pet by their side knows very well how much anguish can be created when we do not know where our four-legged friend is, or if we suddenly lose sight of our pet, then we immediately…

This man has created a shelter to accommodate older dogs who could not find a home

Often, when adopting a dog, a person can be very conditioned by the dog's age and beauty. The aesthetic and age factors, unfortunately, have a great influence on the choice and many people prefer to adopt…

This dog was abandoned at a train station with a luggage cart next to it full of its favorite objects

In the UK, the news story about a male dog, named Kai, abandoned at a train station in Scotland, with a luggage cart filled with his favorite things, has had a strong echo. This is a story full of mystery…

A taxi driver accepts 8 stray dogs as passengers together with an elderly woman

Love for animals is always a noble feeling, even when it may appear a little excessive in the eyes of those who perceive some gestures as a bit exaggerated and peculiar and express their disapproval.…

This dog waited for its owners for 4 years in the same place

The story we are telling you today is one about a dog that was not abandoned but left behind by accident. However, what happened was still a traumatic experience for this loyal canine. It is said that…

This little dog refused to leave the hospital room of the woman it had saved

That dogs and cats can have a therapeutic effect on people who do not have good health is well known, so much so that the realities that promote and practice pet therapy, that is to say, medical treatments…

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