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Every day this dog helps his human friend to take in the harvest in the fields, in real teamwork

The kindness and closeness that an animal can show to its human friends is a truly boundless feeling. For us, a dog or a cat will always be there, despite adversity, difficulties and harsh conditions.…

A family goes on a trip and leaves their dog in the car in the sun with a diaper: they are reported

The neglect by some animal owners, which emerges very often in appalling news concerning them, really leaves us speechless, especially because one wonders why these people chose to adopt a dog, a cat…

The owners who closed the dog between the door and the grating because they couldn't look after it during the lockdown

Chile has also been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, to the point that some areas have adopted the lockdown strategy. During the quarantine period, a woman learned about the conditions in which a dog…

The who dog entertains a baby of a few months, with kisses and laughter: the mother manages to capture this special moment

Dogs and children get along extremely well and, although a parent must always watch carefully over the interactions between the two, it is now proven that the benefits for the whole family are enormous.…

A dog loses his owner and gets on the bus everyday hoping he'll eventually find him

We all know that dogs are one of the most faithful pets a human can have. Although they may start out as just a furry companion to keep you company, dogs prove time and time again how much they love and…

An abandoned puppy "asks for help" from two officers on the street: they adopt him as a police dog

Sometimes the most beautiful stories and friendships arise from the most critical situations, those destined to last because they started in difficult conditions. It is not only so for human beings, but…

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