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She finds a dog near a river tied to a 13-pound iron bar and the woman does not think twice and saves it

If we were to count how many times we have narrated stories about animals being abused by human beings, we would be still here counting for a long time! In fact, the reality is that each year, hundreds…

A woman finds her beloved dog in an animal shelter after desperately searching for him for two years!

At times, the use of social networks seems to be able to almost miraculously resolve issues and reunite people from all over the world. In fact, people who have not heard from or seen each other for many…

A dog is abandoned on a street, but a surveillance camera video nails its cruel owner

Abandoning one's pet on the street is an abominable act, fortunately, punishable by law. Yet this sad human practice is carried out even more than one might think, and the victims of this cruel gesture…

In this clinic, there is a special assistant who comforts the other dogs during their operations

It is normal that when someone we know becomes ill - a friend of ours or a loved one - we feel compelled to offer our care and our support, to alleviate at least some of their suffering. No one likes…

A little boy with a disability encounters a "special" puppy ... and from that day on they are inseparable

When they come into the world, dogs with particular disabilities do not seem to usually have extremely favorable prospects for life. In fact, their physical handicaps are very often the reasons that many…

A dog escapes from its enclosure during the night to console two orphaned puppies that were crying ...

A really sweet and moving story is that of Maggie, a German Shepherd mixed breed dog that could not resist her unstoppable maternal instinct. The dog had been taken by her owner to a commercial boarding…

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