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21 images that show why dogs are full members of the family

Faithful par excellence, dogs have always been among the pets most favored by human beings. In fact, humans choose dogs to support them in a thousand different activities: from hunting to sheep-rearing,…
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This woman crossed half the world to find again the dog that had saved her life

The deep bond that can be established between a human being and an animal is something extraordinary. The world is full of episodes that testify how four-legged friends know how to make the difference…

A woman gets rid of her dog by throwing it into a dumpster and it is found after 6 days, almost dead!

Even if more and more people have become more sensitive towards animals every day, incidents of neglect or even worse of real cruelty towards these creatures are still very frequent. Among the vilest…

The whole house catches on fire with a baby girl inside, but the family pit bull's action saves her life

Dogs are probably man's best friend, among all pets; yet, despite the proverbial loyalty and affection that they inspire and transmit, even in their case distinctions are often made, first of all, between…

A woman finds a dog close to death and ignored by everyone but after 3 months the dog is unrecognizable

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name, Hercules? Certainly, the strength that distinguished this famous hero of Greek mythology. The same strength that another Hercules had,…

A heartbroken owner warns about the dangers of rope toys after the accident that happened to her Golden Retriever

Anyone who owns a dog can testify that it becomes a true member of the family and that when the day comes to have to say goodbye, one feels immense pain. Everyone knows that the time available to a four-legged…
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