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This young woman only adopts older dogs from kennels, giving them affection and warmth in their last period of life

Taking care of a dog is much more than just feeding it and taking it out for a daily walk. Having one of these four-legged friends by your side means considering and appreciating them as a real family…

This woman recognizes the photo of her pit bull dog that she had lost three years earlier on a beer can

They did not know where the female pitbull dog had come from and how long she had run away from home. But the fact is that at the Manatee County Animal Services shelter, a pit bull dog had shown up in…

She returns home after 8 months of military training and at first, her dog seems to no longer recognize her

Janna Berger had to report for military training that would take her away from home for eight months. Among the most touching goodbyes, that she had had to say, in addition to her friends and relatives,…

Her owner abandoned her because she is too "clingy" but now this dog has found a new family

Usually, those who decide to bring a pet into their life is because they experience great joy in taking care of a pet and in giving and receiving that infinite love that characterizes such a relationship.…

This dog has been abused and now at the sound of a human voice she trembles and urinates in fear

Countless animals, including many dogs, experience great injustices and suffering, often at the hands of human beings. And this tragic situation inevitably ends up making dogs feel timid and very frightened.…

Here is the moving moment in which a cat "introduces" her kittens to her dear canine friend

In the common imagination, dogs and cats do not get along very well. So much so, that for "encounters" of this type, countless sayings and proverbs have been written that describe the two four-legged…
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