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This dog had been waiting for its owners for 4 years, always in the same place: in the end they came back to get it

Dogs, as we know, are considered "man's best friend", due to their extreme fidelity and gratitude towards the human beings who decide to take care of them. A dog has an infinite love for his family and…

A stray dog becomes attached to a flight attendant and waits for her every day at the hotel door

Is there any thing which can express absolute loyalty and affection better than a dog? Probably not, and that is why this moving story we are about to tell you is yet another demonstration of how much…

A woman miraculously finds the little dog that had disappeared from her garden 10 years earlier

A pet dog is in effect a member of the family and, as such, fills the hearts of those around them with joy. Similarly, however, a puppy can cause their family members to worry whenever they get sick or…

He sees a little dog abandoned in a car under the hot sun and breaks the glass to save it

In summer the cases of abandonment of pets, especially dogs, are always increasing and cases of neglect towards them are no less frequent. When we take our four-legged friend on errands with us in the…

They wanted to celebrate a bachelor party in the woods but then they end up saving a dog and her 7 puppies

Sometimes the greatest adventures of our life can turn into unique occasions: how many times, by pure chance, have we improved a stranger's day simply by giving him an indication, reassurance, advice,…

An abandoned dog is adopted by a gas station and "gets" a full-time job

How many dogs do we see wandering the streets of our cities without food, without water, without an owner and in desperate need of veterinary care and a lot of love that someone might give them? The reality…

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