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Video Art

He starts cutting a block of glass. When you see the final work, you'll be speechless

Jack Storms works several weeks to produce one completed glass sculpture and the process is incredibly intense; in fact, there are only three known cold glass artists in the world. The…

The magic 3D pen

Draw on a piece of paper? It is now out of fashion! From today you can have fun with the design in 3 dimensions. Truly spectacular!
Art Spectacular Wtf

It looks like the usual chocolate dessert, until the waiter adds cream ...

When cuisine meets art, the result can be truly amazing. Guests at the Hotel Oitavos in Cascais (Portugal), for example, can order this original dessert signed by chef Joaquim Sousa: its particularity…
Art Ideas Kitchen

It looks like a pile of junk but if you look closer...

The extraordinary feature of the anamorphic sculptures by the Frenchman Bernard Pras, is that they are made of objects and materials that he gets in dumps. The artist often reproduces works of art decomposing…

This self -taught 21-year old art student has some serious talent, Check this drawing out !

The amazing talent of the 21 year old Heather Rooney, does not need many descriptions. In this video she shows us the process of creating an incredibly real portrait dedicated to the great Robin Williams.

It may seem like a normal drawing, but looking at it closely...WOW !

Talent can really show up in the most diverse and surprising way, and this story proves it. After a life lived in disability caused by cerebral palsy, Paul Smith (1921) has been using a typewriter to…
Art Seniors

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