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Video Art

It may seem like a normal drawing, but looking at it closely...WOW !

Talent can really show up in the most diverse and surprising way, and this story proves it. After a life lived in disability caused by cerebral palsy, Paul Smith (1921) has been using a typewriter to…
Art Seniors

He starts by putting hundreds of nails on a white wall: the end result is mind blowing !

This artist has spent about 200 hours of work to get from the initial design to the spectacular end result. With 13,000 nails and 24 km of wire, he creates a portrait of Justin Timberlake with the String…

The magic 3D pen

Draw on a piece of paper? It is now out of fashion! From today you can have fun with the design in 3 dimensions. Truly spectacular!
Art Spectacular Wtf

It looks like he's just doing some repair work at home, but the result is an amazing piece of art !

Bernie Mitchell began his career as professional drywall finisher, and by the mid-90s he began to think of a unique way to add art in his work. So he started to create low reliefs on the walls of houses,…
Art Houses Wtf

He starts cutting a block of glass. When you see the final work, you'll be speechless

Jack Storms works several weeks to produce one completed glass sculpture and the process is incredibly intense; in fact, there are only three known cold glass artists in the world. The…

It seems like he's touching a huge spider, but the truth is even more amazing

Fear of spiders is so strong in some people that just the sight of a fake spider can lead to crazy reactions. This is the case of the creation that you see in this video, which reproduces in an incredibly…

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