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Video Art

What do near-sighted people see without their glasses? This artist has painted ten paintings that give us the answer!

If you have vision problems, you know how different the world is without glasses. Blurry, indistinct but also very suggestive from a certain point of view. The South African artist Philip Barlow wanted…

These cakes are so exceptional that it is hard to believe they are real

The time arrives for the cake to appear and certainly, the theme chosen to celebrate the event is not random but then they turn off the lights and what is placed on the table is something that does not…
Art Cakes Incredible

Fill a syringe with paint, then let the paint slide down a wall --- the final effect is very creative!

You are planning to do some work around the house and you have decided to put giving a new look to your walls at the top of the list ... but with so many options what should you choose? If you are not…
Art DIY Houses

20 tattoos positioned along the spine that you will want to show off immediately!

Colored or monochrome, in a minimalist or elaborate style, microscopic or highly visible --- the tastes in tattoos can be the most diverse but the risk of falling into the banal and obvious is always…

This young artist was born without hands, but still manages to create incredible works of art

Being born with a disability or acquiring it over time is objectively very difficult, but this does not mean one has to renounce life completely. In fact, finding a solution to small but important daily…

34 tattoos with 3D effects that appear to be much more than just simple drawings on the skin

Regarding tattoos, there are two completely different and opposing opinions! There are those individuals who love them and are fascinated by the idea of conceiving of the skin as a large canvas on which…
Art Artists Drawing

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