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At school, they scolded him because he never stops drawing but he is hired to decorate a wall in a restaurant

Behind an "unruly" child at school, there may often be a sociable, creative, active child. For this reason, we must never judge by appearances, because the truth could be quite different. This is the…

This artist has created sculptures hidden in the woods to make visitors appreciate the concept of upcycling!

Thomas Dambo is not just any artist and his gigantic works hidden in the dense forests of Denmark prove it. The Danish artist revives in the form of giant figures, the famous trolls that populate the…

An artisan creates bathtubs using naval technology ... and the result is extraordinary!

If we asked you to think of a bathtub, all of you would think of what we usually find in interior design magazines and in our bathrooms, white in color, and made of ceramic, or at most metal or resin.…

Drawing on stones is a new hobby that centers and relaxes you. Here is everything you need to get started right away!

There are different activities that can foster a state of calm and inner peace. There are those who prefer sports, some who enjoy reading, and others who love do-it-yourself (DIY) projects and handicrafts.…

A man spends 25 years sculpting the inside of a cavern, slowly turning it into a spectacular work of art

Confucius said, "Do what you love and you won't work a single day in your life". This Chinese philosopher's proverb applies to all those who have been lucky enough or have had the courage to dedicate…

A company transforms children's drawings into magnificent pendants that can be kept forever

Every parent keeps a memory of their young children: baby clothes, milk teeth or a drawing.  A company based in Turkey has thought of a way to make children's drawings much more than a nice memory on…

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