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15 women who have chosen a style of makeup that is a complete disaster

You start to wear makeup for fun and you end up wearing it for necessity or by choice. In fact, there are women who choose to maintain a natural no-makeup look, while there are others who are delighted…
Absurd Make Up Women

This woman with a huge baby bump gave birth to a wonderful 13 lb girl

For a mother, having a child never loses its novelty, regardless of the number of children she has previously had. In fact, for Chrissy Corbitt, it really was an experience never felt before, namely…

An amazing scrap car transformation! Check it out!

Have you ever wanted to spruce up your car but you abandoned the idea for fear of creating, even more, damage? Certainly, the man that we are about to talk about never had this kind of problem! In fact,…
Absurd Cars

20 people who got a tattoo but would have done better to have stayed at home

We do not know to what extent a tattoo artist can make a client change their mind about a tattoo design that simply should not be drawn on anyone's skin, and we also do not know with what nerve a person…
Absurd Fail Fashion

These men were shocked by the behavior of this cute little deer when they fired their gun !

While these men are intent on shooting at targets, a curious unexpected dear comes along, and without hesitation comes up and shows interest in the weapon they're using. The resulting image, even if they…
Absurd Animals Wtf

24 tragicomic situations that none of us would ever want to face

In life, there are serious moments and humorous moments. And then there are moments that are both at the same time. At least seen from the right distance, that is ours, here, in front of a screen, comfortably…
Absurd Cute Funny

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