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Video Absurd

Experience this mesmerizing xylophone in the forest ...

A Japanese advertising agency decided to think big to attract the attention of cell phone customers --  so they built a giant xylophone in the middle of a forest! The instrument is made entirely of…

Some people are a hazard to themselves and others!

Videos full of people who have serious problems with parking their car, you have definitely seen plenty, but this one will go beyond any prediction you could ever make! As a matter of fact, the driver,…
Absurd Cars Parking

Breastfeeding is not a crime ...

We are in Spain, at a public park, when a husband and wife, criticize and insult a woman only for the fact that she is breastfeeding her baby in the park. To be honest, the mother was behaving discreetly…
Absurd Ethical Women

Gender Reveal ... aren't you supposed to CUT the cake?

This couple is expecting a baby and she has decided to communicate the sex of the baby to her companion in a unique way. She has prepared a cake and the filling inside this cake will be a blue cream if…

A man sings and plays the guitar during brain surgery!

He is 33 years old, hails from Brazil and his name is Anthony Dias Kulkamp, the man, who when required to remain conscious during brain surgery sang "Yesterday" by the Beatles while accompanying himself…

A successful surprise attack!? --- carried out by a DEER!?

Sometimes things happen that are so strange that no one would believe it if anyone tried to describe it ---- yet it is true and it did happen -- if only they had the evidence to prove it!  That is exactly…

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