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One of the longest traffic jams in LA history!

Everywhere in the world, there is at least one metropolis that is so crowded that the "traffic" problem is taken for granted. However, on certain occasions, the need to travel by car can affect a number…
Absurd Traffic Usa

Survival is their strongest motivation!

We all have seen at least once in our lifetime a documentary about the heroic ascent of rivers that salmon make during their spawning season. The ascent or crossing that we show in this video, however,…

An amazing scrap car transformation! Check it out!

Have you ever wanted to spruce up your car but you abandoned the idea for fear of creating, even more, damage? Certainly, the man that we are about to talk about never had this kind of problem! In fact,…
Absurd Cars

Witness the ultimate office holiday party trick! Wow!

When you go to a party and maybe drink a little, you are not expected to have the concentration needed to do balancing tricks.  However, if you are lucky enough to spend the evening with someone who…
Absurd Wtf

An ingenious homemade woodcutter --- crude but very EFFECTIVE!

Is there an activity that is more strenuous than cutting wood? There are probably only a few others because chopping an infinity of logs into pieces, without stopping requires the use of many muscles.…

You have never seen a swing like THIS! Check it out!

As a child were you willing to stand in long lines for an exhilarating swing ride? Well, maybe if the swing had been like the one created by these Estonians you would have thought twice about it! In…

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