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These men were shocked by the behavior of this cute little deer when they fired their gun !

While these men are intent on shooting at targets, a curious unexpected dear comes along, and without hesitation comes up and shows interest in the weapon they're using. The resulting image, even if they…
Absurd Animals Wtf

Try not to cringe watching the descent on these slides . . . It's crazy!

"Wild Waves" is an amusement park built in the city of Federal Way, in the state of Washington. We are not certain if it is right to discuss whether this type of amusement is right or wrong! Nevertheless,…

An ancient landmark senselessly destroyed!

It was one of the oldest rock formations at the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area in Oregon and now, because of a group of vandals, it no longer exists.  The rock formation known as the "Duckbill" by locals…

A huge truck during a delicate maneuver has an absurd accident!

To maneuver large trucks successfully takes a lot of experience and we know that delicate maneuvers should be done calmly and wisely. However, if you focus only on this, forgetting to also take into consideration…

What was hiding in his trunk?!

Have you ever happened to open the trunk of your car and find a chicken? Well, we challenge anyone not to make the same face as this man did when he experienced this highly improbable situation! Yes,…

A polar bear lives in a shopping mall in China ...

We all know that polar bears are among the species most affected by the consequences of climate change and that their conservation status is vulnerable. This is why this polar bear's story seems absurd…

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