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His wife says the dog ran away from home, but 5 years later the husband finds out she took him to the kennel

The friendship that is created between a dog and its owner cannot be completely understood, perhaps, by those who have never had a pet themselves. You care for them just as you would care for a child…

A 7-year-old boy accidentally spends 1500 euros on a game on his mobile phone and his father is forced to sell his car

When entrusting a 7-year-old child with a networked mobile phone, you should always keep your eyes peeled. The pitfalls that the very young can face in these cases are not only of a content nature (always…

She spent £ 20,000 on plastic surgery because she wants to find a boyfriend, but has still been single for years

We all go through, to a greater or lesser extent, moments when we feel uncomfortable with our body. We may have felt ugly and unlovable during our teenage years, and feared we had no hope of finding a…
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She discovers that her partner is cheating on her: she makes friends with his lover and they both dump him

When two women realize they have been betrayed, even when it's by the same man, it could trigger a strange solidarity between the two victims: this is what happened to Kristen Obispo and Sophie Miller,…

Her ex-husband wins $273 million in the lottery: "it's not enough to win me back"

How many things can you buy for $273 million? We find it hard to imagine: a villa with a swimming pool, a luxurious sports car, a private jet and an island would not be able to drain even a small percentage…

He marries both women he's in love with and now hopes to get them pregnant at the same time

There are people who feel the need to express their love towards more than one person, without feeling judged or stuck in a traditional relationship which doesn't fulfill them. Have you ever heard of…

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