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In 30 years he never helped his wife to clean the house: today he is forced to pay her 60,000 euros in compensation

Household chores are a real thorn in the side of many people, but they are absolutely necessary if you don't want to be swamped by dust and dirt. When you live as a couple, it's usually the woman who…

A man resigns and asks for the monies he is owed: his former employer pays it all in cents

Are you happy with your work? We hope so, because we are well aware that the working dynamics between bosses and employees do not always go the right way. Andreas Flaten, employed in an auto repair shop…

DIY hairdressing: 16 hilarious haircuts that have proved to be a real disaster

A haircut is a very important "ritual", both for men and for women, because in addition to restoring your desired look, it could mark the passage of a great change. We know that when there is an air of…
Absurd Funny Hair

A mother was harshly criticized for giving her baby daughter a manicure

It is impossible to remain indifferent when faced with the photos published by a mother in which her daughter's hand is shown with very long nails, perfectly filed and with nail polish applied on top,…

She gave birth but the doctors told her that the baby didn't make it: after 3 years she discovers that she had been given up for adoption

Perhaps there is nothing more devastating for a parent than losing their child prematurely. The trauma suffered during childbirth is immediately amplified by the terrible news: "Sorry, you lost the baby".…

The most jealous woman in England buys her husband 3 Xboxes to keep him from leaving the house: "So she has fewer distractions"

You know when a relationship ends due to extreme possessiveness and jealousy on the part of one partner? Well, an English woman named Debbi Wood made her jealousy her trademark, managing to get herself…
Absurd Love Stories

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