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A guy discovers that his girlfriend is cheating on him thanks to the reflection of her smartphone: she was on Tinder

If betrayal has always been a reason for breakups and paranoia in the past, imagine the level of stress that social media can cause nowadays, especially when used in bad faith. If once you went secretly…

15 people who should have taken their hairdresser to court

Going to get a haircut is an activity that many consider relaxing and necessary in order to improve their look. There are those who just want to be more presentable and those who, on the other hand, go…
Absurd Funny Hair

19 people who have revealed their incompetence in doing their job

The world is full of people who believe they are smart and do their job flawlessly. A belief that is often sadly belied by their own results. Unfortunately, making mistakes in one's job sometimes means…

19 people who had one simple job, but managed to fail anyway

When we are recruited to do a job, it is assumed that each of us can bring the right amount of concentration and precision to get it done in the best way. Nobody wants to be constantly blamed for their…

Expectations vs Reality: 17 times customers have been totally disappointed with their purchases

Have you ever ordered something on the internet, bewitched by the advertising image, and then found yourself disappointed when it arrived? It is an experience that, at least once in a lifetime, happens…

He leaves house arrest and returns to the police station with a bag: "prison is better than my family!"

Not all families are able to live happily together, getting along in love and harmony within the same four domestic walls. Living with anyone, whether they are close family members, roommates or partners,…

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