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Mother of 10 children is abandoned by her husband: "He did not think it possible that I could be expecting a fifth set of twins"

Falling pregnant or arrival of a baby is not always seen as a blessing, or at least, it is not so for everyone. There are those who want this with all their heart and manage to deal with it well - parents who…

Father decides not to help his daughter with her wedding expenses anymore: "she ruined her mother's wedding dress"

A wedding dress is one of the most precious things that many women can possess in their lives. Each bride chooses one according to their taste. Or, perhaps, she may ask a seamstress to make her a…

Menstrual pain simulator shows men what it feels like to have period cramps once a month

Every woman knows that at least once a month she will have to deal with her menstrual cycle and with all the symptoms that accompany it. On these days, every woman knows that she will most likely face…

"They accused me of wearing an inappropriate dress at my son's 7th birthday party"

We all know how interesting, important and, by now, irreplaceable access to the internet is, especially nowadays when we are all connected and we want to keep ourselves informed and updated on everything…

Abandoned by her boyfriend during a dinner date at a restaurant, this young woman ends up paying the bill again

It is well known that when you start dating someone, first impressions may not be entirely accurate, but you certainly don't expect radical changes over the course of any relationship which develops.…

Woman eats "too much" at an 'all you can eat' restaurant and she is asked to pay more: "I refused"

Nowadays it is easy to find restaurants where you can pay a fixed price, but eat at much as you like. This famous formula is commonly known as "all you can eat", and became a feature in some restaurants…

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