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In a dirty prank, a stranger attaches a lock to a man's gauged ear and runs away with the key

Playing pranks on your friends is something people have been doing since probably the dawn of time. It's a great way to remind your friends that it's okay to have fun at each other's expense sometimes.…

A tourist breaks a bracelet in a jewelry store: she faints after discovering it costs $44,000.

When our parents told us not to touch anything when they took us shopping with them as kids, they did it for a good reason. Most likely they asked us to not touch anything because they knew that if we…

The 9-week-old baby who manages to stand alone: "she is the strongest child in the world"

Parents will know that a child usually starts talking and walking between 9 and 18 months. Especially as far as walking is concerned, there are children who begin to stand independently in the ninth month,…

"Who's afraid of the Coronavirus?": 26-year-old arrested for licking merchandise in a supermarket

While many health experts have attempted to educate the general public about the dangers of the Coronavirus - affirming that the elderly are not the only ones at risk - many young people are still convinced…
Absurd News

A woman gives birth to twins with different fathers: a rare case

Sometimes in life, strange and unlikely things happen. Nothing is more strange, perhaps, than giving birth to twins and the father finding out that only one of them is his. Recently, a woman gave birth…

His ex-girlfriend shows up at his wedding dressed as a bride and begs him to come back to her

Not everyone manages to stay on good terms with their ex and, honestly, it's no wonder. Leaving aside those cases in which the relationship is totally compromised, perhaps because of betrayal (of course,…

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