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Video Inventions

Innovative Gadgets That Are Cool But Also Very Useful!

The Internet is the place to buy the most extravagant objects that exist on the market! Lately, perhaps some unnecessary objects have come out and often they are not so cheap, but without a doubt, they…

Inventions That Improve The Quality Of Life! Hurrah!

If you have seen the film entitled "Joy" (2015) inspired by the story of a woman who invented a special mop to clean floors, you have a clear idea how much even a small but sensible and practical invention…

Once Again Italian Design Is A Winner!

A pair of architects, Arturo Vittori and his Swiss colleague Andreas Vogler have designed and built a modern cistern that can collect and store water in a very intelligent way.  It is obviously designed…

He Is Young And Smart And Wants To Save Lives!

Bishop Curry is a ten-year-old boy who, after school, first does his homework and then goes to the yard to ... experiment. The little inventor lives in Texas and enjoys doing anything that has to do…

Discover An Easy Way To Produce And Harvest Honey!

There already exist a mirade of studies focusing on bees, those magnificent insects that never cease to amaze us! However, their existence is threatened by extinction, and if that happened, our entire…

Lumberjacks Are Very Happy With This Innovative Ax!

Technology has literally sent many tools into retirement, introducing new ones that reduce human fatigue, but some we can say have remained exactly as they were originally created. One such tool is the…

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