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A fishing day this man will not forget

It looked like a normal fishing trip with the kayak but this fisherman realises he is not the only predator in the neighborhood: if you go fishing in shark waters, you can't expect to have exclusive rights…

A roll of toilet paper in a can? The reason is brilliant!

This video shows how to transform a metal container in to a kind of emergency stove for heating or cooking. It demonstrates how alcohol, a roll of toilet paper and a can can create a flame that lasts…

Diving into the pool with the Superslide

Ohio Dreams is a sports field and it is located in Butler Ohio in the United States, for the summer they have created a giant slide to dive into the pool.

What you can do with a battery and a gum wrapper is just CRAZY!

The trick of this video can be really useful especially for those who go camping and hasn't got a lighter. Cutting or tearing the paper of a gum so that the central part is approximately 2 mm thick, it's…
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Here the most EVIL punishment from a father ! Don't miss it !

He had to be clearly exasperated by the laziness of his son, so this father decided to implement a nightmare of a punishment. Seeing in video games the main reason why his son is not getting a life and…

The crazier water slide

Here it is the extreme jump from the water slide ...

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