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While a boy throws food at the fish, someone very hungry arrives !

While this guy entertains tourists throwing food at the fish of the Maldives, someone passing by decided it's time for a snack. A stingray comes out of the water just to fill his stomach.
Animals Curious Fishes Sea

This sea lion has found the best way to get some fish today !!

Why work hard to find some fish when they give it for free on this boat !?

The Fury of the ocean during a bad storm

This video was shot during the search for the missing flight of the Malaysian Airlines. The waves are frighteningly high as you have never had the opportunity to see before.
Sea Ships Storm

Surfer almost swallowed by whale

It is fairly well known that whales don't eat large mammals, but what would happen if you were in their path while they snack on some anchovies? This lucky surfer, in California, was very close of being…
Curious Sea Wtf

One lucky penguin finds an unusual refuge

The life of a penguin in Antarctica is really difficult, especially if it is chased by a pack of hungry killer whales. The penguin is slower but much more agile and clever, and after a short chase it…
Animals Penguins Sea

She's filming a crab, but what happens shortly after is so SCARY !

When it comes to marine environment, you can never know what is hiding under the water, and this poor crab knows about it, who ends up being the victim of a quite amazing aggression by an octopus. Incredible…
Animals Sea Wtf

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