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A seal approaches this diver asking for something ... When you understand what he's looking for, you will not believe it!

The video you see has been filmed Scilly Isles, off the southwest coast of England. Here the documentary filmmaker Gary Grayson lived an incredible encounter with an Artic grey seal. At first the animal…
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Some people are relaxing on the beach, but what happens shortly after, will make them scream!!

Despite the man tries to control it, nature never fails to show its explosive force. In this video, these people are surprised by some pretty huge waves at Playa Puerto Nuevo in Puerto Rico, and only…
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She's filming a crab, but what happens shortly after is so SCARY !

When it comes to marine environment, you can never know what is hiding under the water, and this poor crab knows about it, who ends up being the victim of a quite amazing aggression by an octopus. Incredible…
Animals Sea Wtf

He's filming some seagulls, but as soon as he turns to the left, he'll have to run away...!

The man who made the video was just filming some seagulls in a bay, when something interrupted this idyllic moment. Probably the presence of some fish has not only attracted the attention of the birds,…
Animals Sea Wtf

Extreme fishing in rough sea

You must have a really brave and experienced crew to bear the weight of such a situation: Two daring fishing boats, challenge the Grey River current, in New Zealand, in a battle with the waves.
Fishing Follies Sea Wtf

A dachshund is in the mood to play, but his friend doesn't really like the idea !

The little dachshund Madeline has a clear idea of ​​who will be his playmate today. Too bad that the crab is not really convinced about it!
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