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Exciting news about the Bermuda Triangle!

Everyone calls it, Shelley Island, the island of shells, due to the many shells of all shapes and tonalities, as well as the thousands of colored stones that can be found there. It is an island that was…

"Dragon Hole" in the China Sea is now the world's deepest blue hole!

Dragon Hole looks like a huge, intensely blue hole in the middle of the Chinese Sea, and has been proclaimed the world's deepest blue hole, surpassing the record set by Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas.…
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An innovative way to protect your feet in the summer!

Conceptualized by an Italian start-up, Nakefit are hypoallergenic adhesive foot pads that allow you to walk freely wherever you want! Nakefit pads are applied on the soles of the feet to replace flip…

A beached octopus thanks its rescuer!

A day at the beach is much more pleasant if you pass the time exploring the marine environment, opening up to the possibility of discovering some strange creatures. That is exactly what this man did and…

Dozens of people form a human chain to rescue a family in danger of drowning

When you have the misfortune to end up in a rip current (a strong surface current flowing seaward from the shore), getting back to shore becomes impossible if you do not know what to do. This is something…

If you see a dark spot moving in the water ... move away FAST!

It is a beautiful sunny day and a ride on their Yamaha FX Cruiser jet ski out into the crystal blue sea seems like a wonderful idea to this couple! But everything could have turned into a tragedy, all…
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