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14 tombstone epitaphs that will make you break out into a smile due to their cleverness!

When you decide to go find your loved ones at the cemetery, surely the last thing you think will happen is to find yourself breaking out into laughter in front of a tombstone ... and yet, that is just…

The 17 best practical jokes people with a sense of humor have ever done

Not everyone has the gift of a sense of humor. In fact, there are those who have a sense of humor that is more pronounced and those with less, although for some of them, humor, has become their trade…
Cute Funny Humour

23 images where the real action is in the background!

At first glance, these images seem to show nothing but smiling people posing for a photograph. However, if you move your attention to the background, you understand that it is there that all the action…

Every car is equipped with a very useful device that only 1 person out of 4 uses

When we get closer to the date of our dreaded driver's license theory test, we often try at the last minute to cram as much information into our heads as possible! So we study and learn about road signs,…
Cars Humour

14 tombstone epitaphs that you will not be able to read without smiling!

Burst out laughing in front of a tombstone? To many, it may seem very inappropriate, but there are cases in which it is the deceased themselves who "ask" us to laugh! At least that's exactly what can…

20 concrete proofs that having neighbors can be fun!

Tell us a little about where you live. What kind of neighbors do you have? Friendly and always ready to help in the spirit of being a community?  Reserved and not inclined to even the simplest verbal…
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