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14 Tombstone Epitaphs That Will Make…
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14 Tombstone Epitaphs That Will Make You Break Out Into A Smile Due To Their Cleverness!


When you decide to go find your loved ones at the cemetery, surely the last thing you think will happen is to find yourself breaking out into laughter in front of a tombstone ... and yet, that is just what can occur if you happen to run across one of these cute and clever epitaphs!
In the photo gallery that follows, you will not be moved to tears while reading the last words of the deceased that are written as an epitaph on their tombstones.

No, quite the contrary, your face will light up with a smile, because these people were able to find humor and irony even when thinking of death ...

1. "I told you that I was sick!"

2. A gay Vietnam veteran proclaims from the grave: "They gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one."

image: Ryanhgwu

3. "If you are able to read this message, you are crushing my breasts."

image: eldare

4. "I raised four beautiful daughters with only one bathroom and still there was love."

image: trooper843

5. "Now I know something you don't!"

image: trooper843

6. "Kay's Fudge". (Looks like she promised to take her recipe with her to the grave. And she did.)

image: trooper843

7. "Here lies an atheist. All dressed up and no place to go."

image: GallowBoob

8. "We finally found a place to park in Georgetown!"

image: GallowBoob

9. "D E A D" ... Just in case there were any doubts ...

image: GallowBoob

10. "Go Away -- I'm asleep."

image: A.J.

11. "I arrived here without being consulted and I leave without my consent."

image: seekfear

12. "Destined to be a woman with too many cats."

image: shadowvox

13. "Jesus called and Kim answered him."

14. "Here lie Steve and Anya, in eternal bliss. Mastercard & Visa still looking for the payments they missed."

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April 19, 2014

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