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What can we do to be in harmony with…
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What can we do to be in harmony with the world? Just do your house cleaning following these 7 rules!

November 15, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The Buddhist monk Tulku Thondup has devoted part of his life to studying the ancient texts of the Buddhist tradition, trying to comprehend their most profound secrets.

Wanting to deepen his understanding of the ancient art of meditation, this monk asked himself what were the techniques needed to acquire a full awareness of ourselves and the world that surrounds us. You will be surprised at what he has to say in regards to this question. 

Tulku Thondup believes that an excellent way to meditate every day is ... while doing the house cleaning! Yes, that's right, while engaged in house cleaning --- and he adds seven rules to follow, that will make sure that the house cleaning tasks are done in the best possible way!

The monk firmly believes in the possibility of meditating daily as you clean your house while keeping in mind these seven rules:

1. If you want to learn how to take care of others, first learn to take care of the objects around you. These objects have been created by others and so their work must be respected. 
2. Always try to recycle things that you no longer need, in such a way as to recognize the fact that as such an object has been useful to you, it may be useful (even recycled) to others. 
3. Begin cleaning when you are alone, so that everything around you is quiet and silent, so you can relax and be conscious while cleaning, without anyone trying to make you hurry.  
4. Before cleaning, circulate fresh air in your home, so you can acquire new and vital energy. 
5. Do not leave the cleaning uncompleted, to be continued the next day, otherwise, you will only carry with you negative energy that will be felt the next day. 
6. Concentrate on the act of cleaning, so that your mind will be absorbed in one activity without any distractions. 
7. Distribute the workload among everyone living in the house. It is good practice that everyone collaborates and does housekeeping tasks to maintain a healthy and clean environment where everyone can grow in perfect harmony in mind, body, spirit, and emotions.


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