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23 people who did not want to decorate…
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23 people who did not want to decorate their homes for Christmas and made it absolutely clear!

December 13, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Are you one of those people who cannot wait for holiday tradition to give you the "permission" to start decorating your house for the Christmas holidays without appearing exaggerated and overzealous?

Well, the people who took the following pictures probably do not fit into your circle of friends!

The reason is simple: their desire to buy and decorate a Christmas tree, decorate their house with dazzling blinking lights and set up a traditional manger is absolutely zero!

Happy birthday ... Jesus!

image: jigitz

The most important characters are all there, it is undeniable!

image: rjschirmer

If covering your house with lights is not for you, here is an exceptional idea.

image: frizzzzle

The neighbors had hung this puppet from the roof... But then the police arrived and had it taken down!

"Meh!" ... Here is this family's interest in Christmas!

image: Jumbo_Steak

"The same thing."

image: imgur.com

The tree is there and gifts too.

image: maaaarisa

Santa Claus? His hat is enough!

image: savage_irony

This snowman is not one that you can easily hug but it sure keeps you warm!

image: Source

Here are the decorations prepared in a hospital ...

This family must have a weakness for disturbing characters.

image: Jesses72390

At the office, nobody wanted to take the trouble to put up a Christmas tree, so I decided to do it!

image: pimack

Christmas in Australia?

With a little imagination ...

Every year we take the Christmas tree back down to the basement ... and leave it ready to be reused!

The image of laziness at Christmas time.

image: Source

SUPER economical version.

image: MaxRumpus

An excuse not to do the laundry?

image: Source

The skeleton and the lights they already had, but they would have to buy a Christmas tree, so ...

image: mjj04e

You have mixed up your holidays!

image: reddit.com

The gift is an invitation to dinner ... Did we get it right?

image: Source

Inflatables have solved all of this family's problems!

image: Source

A traffic cone and lots of beer cartons... To each his own! Merry Christmas!

image: deesmutts88

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