Dragged to IKEA for the umpteenth time…
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Dragged to IKEA for the umpteenth time --- this husband's story is hilarious!

November 10, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

On Sunday morning he wakes up and hears the fateful question: "Honey, what do you think about going to do a little shopping at IKEA today?"

Well, we do not know if it happened exactly this way, but according to what this man tells us about his shopping trip at this popular furniture store, we cannot be too far off.

In any case, this husband had the brilliant idea of photographing their shopping trip and making a documentary of his day following his wife around IKEA, and he published it on Facebook, showing how the shopping trip went, from aisle to aisle ...

"Here we are at IKEA. Our home is already fully furnished so I am trying to understand what we are doing here again."

One of the reasons seems to be lunch.


I have just stained my pants with jam. The stain will never go away. On Facebook, my aunt suggests pouring boiling water on the stain. She also suggests I remove my pants, first.

Maybe we are here to buy cabinets? My wife says, "Maybe when we have kids." Meanwhile, we have ZERO children. We continue.

We are looking at candles. We have dozens of candles at home. We bought them from IKEA, but these are slightly different.


She asks my opinion about this kitchen object. I respond that in our kitchen it would not be suitable but apparently, that is the wrong answer.

After looking at dozens of mirrors we arrive here. The ultimate purpose of our shopping trip continues to remain a mystery, just like the dots on the vowels of the names of all the objects here.


The area dedicated to children's bedrooms is full of stuffed toy rats. There are so many that I start thinking that they must have a special meaning in Swedish culture.

"Here's where you buy napkins", my wife says, and this time I can only agree that she is right.


"Are you ready?" She asks. I answer, "Yes, of course." But I have no idea what she is referring to.

We live in a basement. I fear for the life of these plants ...

My wife says these plants remind her of baobab trees. When I tell her that baobab trees are tens of feet high she rolls her eyes to the sky and I fear a retinal detachment.

I have just been discovered!

We are at the checkout counter. In the end, we bought a microwave-safe cover, a sugar bowl, and a drawer divider. No mirrors, no stuffed toys.

"I will love you forever", she tells me. I love her too ... and so we go home.

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