Here is why this bar had to build a labyrinth at its exit to avoid being closed down! -
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Here is why this bar had to build a…
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Here is why this bar had to build a labyrinth at its exit to avoid being closed down!

November 09, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Sometimes it seems that laws issued by the government do not serve to simplify or improve the lives of citizens but to make their lives even more complicated.

Perhaps because of inadequate research, politicians often do not think of the consequences of passing a particular law or whether it is really useful and applicable.

For example, in India (even if you do not need to travel that far to find similar cases) there is a new law that requires businesses that serve alcoholic beverages to be located at a distance of at least 546 yards (500 meters) from a road, street, or highway.

Obviously, this is a law that risks closing many bars, hotels, and restaurants!

The law is part of the program aimed at decreasing drunk driving and the resulting deaths.

image: Enis Erkel

However, the main effect of the law has not been to reduce the number of accidents and deaths, but instead to close down many business activities built close to a street or highway.

Determined to continue their business activity, the owners of a bar in the city of Kerala had a brilliant idea that allowed them to avoid the risk of being closed down, although their venue is only 164 yards (150 meters) from the road.

The owners have built, at the bar exit, a maze that stretches the path to get to the road more than 437 yards (400 meters), for a total of 546 yards (520 meters). As the law has been written, there is no impediment to the construction of such an expedient.

Since the distance cited by the law is not expressly defined as "aerial" (in a straight line), the authorities could not help but recognize the legality of the labyrinth located outside of the bar. In this case, it is proper to say that as usual --- every law has its loophole!

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