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Every car is equipped with a very useful…
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Every car is equipped with a very useful device that only 1 person out of 4 uses

November 16, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

When we get closer to the date of our dreaded driver's license theory test, we often try at the last minute to cram as much information into our heads as possible!

So we study and learn about road signs, motor operation, awareness of the meaning of the lights that can turn on and off on the dashboard, but after finishing (and hopefully passing) the test, we often forget what we have learned.

Today, we want to call your attention to a device that all cars possess, but that too often almost all motorists forget to use, to the detriment of other drivers.

What are we talking about? It can be quickly and easily explained ...

Any car model you decide to buy, whether it is the latest generation or second-hand, all cars without exception have a very useful and ingenious device. So why is it that most drivers do not use it? The device is a lever, generally placed to the left of the steering wheel, which, when it is activated, allows an orange arrow light to flash and indicate which direction you intend to take. 

We are not joking because unfortunately, the reality of the facts is that this common, but largely "unknown" arrow is not used as it should! In a world where, sadly, it is very easy to fall prey to road accidents due to our own distraction, it would be good that we all remember to use this flashing arrow that, although it may be the cause of a few non-fatal accidents, it is still not an optional tool or device and it must be used!

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