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An orphaned child was adopted by a single dad: 21 years later he is an athlete competing in the Olympics

There are many couples who choose to adopt rather than conceive their children naturally. Depending on the country in which you are resident, the adoption process can be more or less hindered, but in…

44 years ago she adopted a newborn who had been abandoned in front of her home: today he thanks her for all the love

In a world full of bad news, where mothers abandon their children, there are also stories full of positivity, which bode well for the future of humanity. Way back in 1977, a woman named Edith found an…

A couple is kissing behind a screen. When they come out, everyone is speechless.

This project aims to show the real meaning of love beneath our superficial qualities. Filmed on Valentine's Day in Santa Monica, California, it shows several couples posing, kissing and dancing behind…

They give a homeless guy a pizza, what happens next is incredible !

This experiment clearly shows what many probably already know: often those who have less are also more likely to give. The people on the street had shown indifference to the demand for food by this boy,…

These 3 siblings are adopted by a single dad after living with 16 different families

Being a child waiting to be adopted means living at the mercy of an infinite amount of emotions and feelings. Seeing other children being adopted and constantly wondering when their time will come can…

A young girl gives her clothes to a bullied classmate: "They targeted her because she didn't dress in fashion"

Being bullied in school is very common in all school grades. Every year there are many young people who decide to abandon their studies in order not to hear the criticisms and teasing from their classmates.…

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