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Video Exciting

A couple is kissing behind a screen. When they come out, everyone is speechless.

This project aims to show the real meaning of love beneath our superficial qualities. Filmed on Valentine's Day in Santa Monica, California, it shows several couples posing, kissing and dancing behind…

Man is still capable of great acts of generosity and humanity

In a world where evil and misfortune make the news, it is easy to lose hope and confidence in men. This video has been made just to remind us that over exploitation and devastation there's still some…

This woman is about to give birth: what her husband does next will touch your heart !

Matthew and his wife are going to have their second child, so she accepts the offer of photographer Natasha Hance to film the whole birth process in a sweet documentary. They choose to have water birth,…

A man is in hospital: what his daughter does will leave you speechless !

Due to an advanced disease David Wilson could not attend the wedding of his daughter, but she didn't want him to miss this day. Giving up the decorations, choirs and everything a bride loves on her marriage…

They give a homeless guy a pizza, what happens next is incredible !

This experiment clearly shows what many probably already know: often those who have less are also more likely to give. The people on the street had shown indifference to the demand for food by this boy,…

Her boyfriend leaves her alone at the restaurant... shortly after she understand why. Wow!

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words to make the big move and propose, so it can be helpful to find an epic solution like what you see in this video. The boyfriend of this girl has organized…

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