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A woman had lost her engagement ring in her garden and over 60 years later it is found stuck on a carrot!

That night, Colleen Daly had decided that she wanted to make a nice salad, so she went out to her old backyard garden to get some lettuce and other salad vegetables. Colleen's backyard garden had a…

The story of Maru, a dog that traveled 124 miles (200 km) to return to her owners

We wish we never had to hear some of these tearful stories, but the reality of people abandoning their pets is still very much present and widespread. Of course, there are countless reasons why many of…

"You will be my sight and I will be your legs". Two disabled young people join forces to climb mountains and realize their dreams!

These special friends met for the first time, by chance, during an adaptive boxing fitness class. Then, they ran into each other again --- at an adaptive climbing training course! From that moment a special…

A mother throws her gay son out of the house, and his maternal grandfather defends him by telling her: "You are the one who is against nature!".

"Dear Christine, I am disappointed in you as a daughter. You're correct that we have a "shame in the family", but mistaken about who it is. If you find your heart, call us." Thus began the letter that…

This desperate man offers his house as a reward to anyone who can find his dog!

Dogs and cats have now become effective family members, no longer just pets or companions, but real people whose health, well-being, and happiness are taken to heart. This touching affection is often…

19 photos that show in a fascinating way the passing of time ... and the continued evolution of positive feelings.

Time rolls on relentlessly, and it is not always easy to live with this thought. Yet, it is precisely this awareness that should serve to encourage us to live each moment of our lives with greater intensity…

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