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This woman spent the night with a terminally-ill dog, comforting him in his last moments

Unfortunately, life with a dog or cat is not just about happy moments, lighthearted games, pampering, and cuddling. Also our four-legged friends, just like us, can get sick and experience critical health…

They first met at the supermarket and now this elderly man and a little girl are best friends

Children always know how to surprise us and sometimes what comes out of their mouths are real pearls of wisdom. Tara Wood is a 40-year-old mother, housewife, and writer. She and her husband, Garrett,…

Having to say goodbye to a parent is heartbreaking, and no one is ever sufficiently prepared

Unfortunately, life sooner or later forces us to face deeply painful moments, such as illness and the consequent loss of a parent. When it happens suddenly it is normal not to be ready, but in reality,…

"He was born early to save my life" is the moving story of a mother and her premature baby

Although science and its progress continue to benefit the world of medicine, even today, one baby out of ten is born prematurely. Being born prematurely means so many things. The birth of a baby who…

A creative dad turned his daughter's wheelchair into a princess's carriage

For a long time, it would seem that disabled children have been mostly invisible in the eyes of society. In fact, only recently have playgrounds been equipped with slides and other outdoor play equipment…

An elderly man brings his sick dog to a hospital for humans and the kind doctors decide to treat him anyway

There are countless stories that testify to how powerful the bond between a human being and a dog can be. Very often, they have been friends for many years and they take care of each other day after day.…

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