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Every day this woman sits in a subway station just to hear the recorded voice of her husband who has passed away

Eternal love really exists and we all hope to find it as soon as possible so as not to miss any important moments. If you are skeptical of discussions about the existence of a soul mate and true love,…

These young fellows came together to save their childhood friend from poverty

Friendship and mutual assistance are values ​​that can be put into practice in many ways, in an infinite variety of situations and also with gestures that may seem insignificant to us, but that for…

He walks 20 miles to go to work and his boss gives him his own car to thank him

When Walter Carr, a 20-year-old university student, got a new job as a mover at the Bellhops Moving company, he was really happy. After so many job applications and interviews, he would finally have a…

This mom donated over 140 bottles of breast milk after unfortunately losing her own baby

Sometimes, unfortunately, dramatic and unexpected things happen in life, which put us to the test and mark us forever. For a future mother, discovering that the baby she is carrying will probably not…

A father and his two sons cut more than 30 tons of firewood to give to needy families

In America, about 1.9% of homes rely on firewood for heating, and the distribution of these homes is usually concentrated in some specific regions. This means that houses that need firewood to be livable…

This woman films her dog tenderly asleep in a cradle next to her daughter

Anyone who has had a pet by their side knows very well how much anguish can be created when we do not know where our four-legged friend is, or if we suddenly lose sight of our pet, then we immediately…

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