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He finds two abandoned dogs, but no bus transports animals! So he walks 870 miles (1,400 km) to bring them home with him

A journey is a discovery, where one knows the starting point but does not know what will be waiting when one returns! In fact, during the in-between time, anything can happen, and one comes back home…

"Don’t take the small stuff so seriously and live a little.” she wrote. This young woman's last words are an ode to life!

"Every man dies. Not every man really lives." (William Wallace) says in a famous line from the film "Braveheart". Nobody knows how much time is granted to them in life and too often time is not fully…

This dog desperately chases his owner's car after being abandoned

Every year, at least 5 million dogs and cats around the world are abandoned on the streets and, if they are lucky, they are found and saved by rescue teams and volunteers and then these animals are given…

He finds an abandoned kitten and decides to keep it with him and their travel photos together are wonderful to see!

Sometimes the most beautiful stories in life are those that happen to us in the most unexpected and surprising ways! Besides, who knows if, along the unpredictable path of our existential development,…

This child lost at 8700 miles (1,400 km) from home finds it 25 years later thanks to the help of Google Earth

When "Reality exceeds imagination' is a very well-known expression that almost all of us have used at least once in our lifetime to describe cases and situations that in real life seem to recall contexts…

A dad books six plane tickets to spend the holidays with his daughter who is a flight attendant

For most people, the approach of national and religious holidays means creating decorations at home, running left and right to buy last-minute gifts, and organizing time to spend with one's family. Often,…

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