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11 photos that will touch your hearts more than what a thousand words can

Everyone has heard the expression that an image is worth a thousand words. Sometimes, images are able to get points across better than words. When we think about political campaigns, billboard signs,…

Single father can't pay his grocery bill: a stranger in line offers to pay for it instead

As human beings, there are plenty of embarrassing situations we hope to never find ourselves in. We're talking about situations that, when they happen, we hope we could just disappear and never have to…

A family abandons their dog on the side of the road: for days, she waited in the same spot they left her

Although in recent years, animal protection associations have been making strides in stopping animal cruelty across the globe, the abandonment of animals continues to be a serious issue everywhere. …

Two women laugh as they abandon their dogs in front of an animal shelter

Life has a way of putting us in difficult situations. Sometimes, we're the victims while other times we fall witness to terrible things happening to other people or, in this case, to animals. Anne Flores…

The husband left cold drinks in the street for the garbage collectors: when he dies, the wife continues the generosity

When a good-hearted person passes away, the loss is not only for his loved ones, but for entire communities. There are women and men, in fact, who with their daily actions manage to do good and be remembered…

He asks the neighbor where her husband is, but she replies that he has passed away: he leaves everything and runs to embrace her

Aldon O'neill Ward III hit the headlines as the "best neighbor in the world" thanks to a simple gesture of humanity that moved the whole neighborhood and beyond. Aldon is the classic smiling guy, who…

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