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His wife has Alzheimer's and he takes her to work every day to not leave her at home alone

Alzheimer's is a widespread disease and very difficult to manage, especially for family members. In fact, those who have it no longer have full control of their cognitive abilities. They experience memory…

This Down couple married for 28 years proves that love knows no boundaries

Many couples are well aware of the fact that keeping a marriage alive and healthy is not easy at all. Men and women who seem made for each other often promise eternal love and happiness, but then find…

The story of Bokshil, a blind dog that for 10 years has been waiting in the same place for his owners to return...

There are many stories that celebrate the loyalty and unconditional love of dogs and some of them have been made famous in literature or films. The most famous case is certainly that of Hachiko, a male…

This woman gave refuge to 97 dogs in her home to save them from the fury of Hurricane Dorian!

For those who love animals, they come first! Even, before the love and affection of friends and family, the well-being and protection that the neediest four-legged friends require have top priority. This…

This cat has adopted four orphaned squirrels and treats them as if they were her own kittens!

If we look at animals and their behavior carefully, we realize that we really have a lot to learn from these creatures. Despite not being able to speak, our four-legged friends often manage to feel and…

Despite cerebral palsy, this man works as a doctor and fights for those who are less fortunate!

There are people to whom life, from birth, looks like an uphill struggle. For them, simple gestures, daily tasks, joys, affections, and activities are never taken for granted and represent a constant…

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