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Before and after pregnancy: these 9 photos describe movingly what it means to give birth to a child

Although it may seem frightening and certainly also painful, giving birth to a child is probably one of the strongest and most significant experiences a woman can ever have. Not everyone feels the desire…

10 emotional shots that show all the strength of a gesture of kindness

Maybe we don't think about it often, but very little is needed to make someone happy. Whether he is a friend, a relative, a loved one or, why not, an animal, our love and our altruism are very powerful…

A poor boy goes to school barefoot because he wears a 49: the teacher mobilizes resources and manages to help him

The power of social networks is truly amazing - although they often turn out to be a double edged sword, they can be extremely useful when it comes to solidarity or raising awareness on certain topics.…

15 exciting shots that show the wonderful bond between parents and children better than words can

Few things in life are able to change a person's life like the birth of a child. When you become a parent, everything changes. And, despite difficult moments, sacrifices and contrasts, a child will always…

He risks being late at the father-daughter dance because the plane is late: passengers let him off first

For their children, they are willing to do anything - especially when they are still young, parents try to be present as much as possible, making sure they don't miss any birthday or other important event.…

After 4 surgeries, a child with cerebral palsy makes her first steps in spite of all odds against her

Never listen to anyone who tries to tell you what your kids are or are not capable of doing. It should be up to your children to tell you what their limitations are instead of someone else; even if they…

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