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A donkey and a horse survive a fire on a farm: their embrace with the owner is truly touching

Dedicating your whole life to animals is not an easy task. It takes courage, a lot of passion and determination, especially if you decide to lead a secluded life, in the countryside, taking care of your…

An 81-year-old man can't visit his hospitalized wife, so he serenades her from the hospital courtyard

The new, but widely-known, anti-Covid restrictions have begun to become increasingly stringent and have come to underline how important social distancing is to avoid the spread of new infection. Social…

A cow destined for slaughter escapes from the slaughterhouse and hides in a church: it seems to "praying for its life"

It is said that some animals "are only lacking speech" and this is certainly be true in the case of the many domestic dogs and cats that brighten our days with their presence in the house, but also as…

He found his dog after 200 days of relentless searching: their first cuddle on meeting again is touching

If you have a dog at home or are simply passionate about these extraordinary four-legged friends, you know that if something happened to them would be a heartbreaking event for the owners. Think of the…

An aggressive man gets on the subway, pushing passengers out of the way: an old woman manages to calm him down with a simple gesture

Nowadays it is very easy to stop at appearances and judge others without having all the information we need to better understand who we are faced with. There is less and less interest in others and sharing…

A volunteer "adopts" 14 African orphans and gives them a new life: they are one big family

When a young person finishes school and, before embarking on the university journey, they often decide to take a so-called "gap year". People think about taking trips to the end of the world, making new…

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