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"I hope someone chooses me": the moving words of a child who has been waiting for years for a family who will adopt him

Having a family that loves you, that cuddles you, that only wants the best for you, that feeds you and gives you a safe roof to live under is one of the most beautiful and genuine gifts that life can…

A boy photographed a beam of light between the clouds that looks like Christ the Redeemer

Those who believe in God know they always have someone on their side; but in the darkest moments, perhaps, even the most devout of the faithful look for concrete signs that allow them to confirm their…

Man sees a dog trapped in a vehicle in scorching temperatures: he rescues the dog by breaking the car window open

Although certain things should just be common sense, some people have a hard time grasping simple concepts. When you think about your car in the middle of summer, for example, is it a good idea to leave…

A worker is fired, but the next day he wins the lottery and becomes a millionaire

Life often teaches us that, even at the most difficult times and when it seems that our hopes are almost reduced to zero, such unexpected events can happen that change our reality almost completely,…

16 times animals surprised us with demonstrations of love and affection

Unconditional love, loyalty, genuineness, innocence: these are just some of the many wonderful qualities that animals possess and grace us with. Their emotions may not always be the easiest to read, but…

13 positive photos that might make your day a little brighter

Life has a way of throwing obstacles at us, and, naturally, it is our job to do whatever we can to get over them. Although the hard times make it tempting to throw in the towel and "give up on life,"…

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