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44 years ago she adopted a newborn who had been abandoned in front of her home: today he thanks her for all the love

In a world full of bad news, where mothers abandon their children, there are also stories full of positivity, which bode well for the future of humanity. Way back in 1977, a woman named Edith found an…

She has no money to buy her son's birthday cake, so she offers a laundry service: the people of the internet are mobilized

Any self-respecting parent would do anything to make their children happyeven when they don't have the practical means. This mom didn't have the necessary money, but she managed to organize a birthday…

A little dog runs away from home to join her mistress at work: she thought she had been abandoned

Every time people ask us to describe our dogs, among the thousand qualities that we can recognize there are two, in particular, that are absolutely inevitable: loyalty and fidelity. Dogs are like human…

Homeless woman who lived in her car is hired by a shop: now, no one can do without her anymore

You should never judge a book by its cover; a saying that applies not only to texts but also to people; in short, very often appearances can be deceiving even though we are convinced that some individuals…

Her son is stolen at birth: this mother never lost hope and found him after 48 years

Sometimes we take it for granted that everyone should have the right to grow up with their mother. Unfortunately, however, the story of 48-year-old Kirk Kellerhals reminds us how, at times and for the…

A street cleaner interrupts his work to give a thirsty horse a drink: a very noble gesture

Little miracles go unnoticed every day. Sometimes even a very simple gesture can turn out to be a gift from heaven. A street cleaner, in fact, moved the whole world after being filmed during an act of…

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