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Parents discover that their soon-to-be-born child has a cleft lip and the child's story is very touching!

In some countries, a cleft lip is a neonatal malformation that is resolved with an abortion. In fact, many women decide to terminate their pregnancy because of problems related to a cleft lip which…

The photo of these two dogs that share a blanket is the most touching thing you'll see today

From the day dogs became part of the life of humans, many things have changed; today we can say that from these beautiful creatures we have much to learn and not a day goes by without us being reminded…

A woman has posted pictures of her wedding day that never took place and at the end, she makes an appeal to all of us ...

The photos that Debbie Gerlach has published on her Facebook profile have touched everyone who has seen them. They are the captured images from the photo shoot taken on her wedding day, or rather, what…

Composed in 1927, this is one of the most beautiful poems ever written! Everyone should learn it by heart!

Poems, like all literature, has the power to inspire in us unique emotions. This is certainly the case of this poem by Max Ehrmann (1872-1945), "Desiderata". Written in 1927, it had considerable success…

For 20 years she nursed her invalid husband and now her son is taking her on a trip to 20 different countries

Helping others is an action that arises spontaneously especially with respect to the people who we love. It is something we do without wanting anything in return, for the happiness of others is the…

The 15 reasons why an aunt is very important in the life of a child

Anyone can say that they have a favorite aunt because they are perfect friends and also know how to give great advice. Aunts are positioned halfway between a second mom and a best friend and are a figure…

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