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How to turn a T-shirt into a shoulder bag in TWO MINUTES -- and without sewing!

We all have a favorite T-shirt to which we are particularly attached that was maybe gifted to us on a special occasion or perhaps it was a souvenir from a fantastic trip that we fondly remember. So, when…

Heating a room and spending only FEW CENTS a day? YES You can!

This interesting DIY heating method can be a very useful and economical way to heat small rooms: you will need only two clay pots of different diameters, a metal container and candles. Put four candles…

A man pokes a hole in a tin of tuna and the result is ... "enlightening!"

It can happen to be in an emergency where it's necessary to have the light of a candle but you havn't got one. However, there are various ways to create for your DIY candle: here's for you 5 emergency…

She cut in half an old sock. The final creation? Amazing !!!

Do you have single socks, like it often happens? Don't throw them away, follow these step by step instructions to create a soft and cheap roommate. Once you understand the process, free your imagination…
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Learn how BOOST your WIFI Internet signal, using a CAN

Wireless internet has made it easier to access information online, although sometimes it's power is not what you would expect. This man, however, shows how to boost from 2 to 4 times the signal of your…

Put egg white and icing sugar in the microwave: the result is mouth-watering !

The the old recipes are generally the better ones and the healthiest, but in today's life we don't always have the time to prepare them. For example, if you are to receive an unexpected visit, you can…
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