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5 effective ways for removing gunk from your sinks and keeping your pipes clean

Nobody likes it when unpleasant gunk and residue clogs up your kitchen and bathrooms sinks. Between food, hair, and leftover soap residue, it's difficult to keep our pipes completely gunk-free. Overtime,…
DIY Tricks Useful

Stuffed eggplant: a simple and tasty dish easy on the waistline

Everyone has a favorite summer dish that they can't seem to get enough of. For many people, that dish is stuffed eggplant. It's a dish rich in taste and easy on the carbs and, considering eggplant's mild…

An ingenious way to water your garden: using recycled plastic bottles as an irrigation system could be a way to cut down on water waste

People are passionate about gardening at about any age. It's not only a hobby that gives back (especially for those who grow a vegetable garden), but it's also very therapeutic. Whether you've been gardening…

Apple pie: the simple recipe with few ingredients just like Grandma used to make

In the first pages of a recipe book of desserts, where the basic recipes are supposed to be, you can't miss the apple pie. A simple dessert that satisfies the palate of grown-ups but also of little ones…
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Coffee-flavored whipped cream: a dairy-free recipe that requires only 3 ingredients to prepare

For those of us who love the flavor of coffee, a quick and simple recipe that could easily satisfy your taste buds is coffee-flavored whipped cream. It's consistency is so light and fluffy, you might…

8 alternative uses of dishwashing soap: an excellent product for washing walls, ovens and stains

Did you know that your bottle of dishwashing detergent can be an invaluable ally for cleaning certain items in your home? Of course, the detergent performs its best function precisely with the dishes…

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