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Aloe vera gel: here are all the benefits and simple steps to prepare it at home

Aloe vera is a plant with countless beneficial qualities, widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry to make medicinal and body care products. Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, aloe vera has…
DIY Green Health

Lemon Essential Oil: Here is how to prepare this product that has countless benefits in just a few minutes

Among the most effective and used natural remedies, lemon essential oil has a very long list of beneficial properties and a variety of different uses for our body that you would never imagine. Used as…

How often does one need to wash sheets and towels? Home science responds ...

Yes, even when it comes to the frequency of washing clothes or sheets and towels, science intervenes to indicate what is the appropriate average number to apply. Jerseys and sweaters, for example, can…

Here is how to prepare delicious homemade lemon cream in less than 1 minute

It would be advisable to always keep something sweet in the pantry to offer unexpected guests as a snack, or even just to satisfy a sudden craving of your own!  However, being without a dessert or a…
Cakes DIY Useful

Here is how to grow a lemon plant at home and not need to buy lemons from the supermarket anymore!

Nowadays, it seems as though there is never enough time, so much so that often people prefer to order food rather than prepare it - let alone actually grow it! This happens, a little due to fatigue, a…

10 useful and inexpensive ideas to improve your home using wooden pallets

Although we are still far from conducting a lifestyle that is entirely sustainable for the environment, we must note with satisfaction that the culture of reuse or upcycling has become increasingly widespread…

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