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Children playing Metallica

It is true that children of today are more precocious. Look at how this splendid band play Metallica.

Evian Baby Dance Spot

The now famous Evian water spot, a very original gimmick!

Twin babies talking, incredible !

These little brothers seems to manage to communicate even if they do it in a language totally incomprehensible.

2 month old baby says "I love you"

This young girl really shows great determination: she wants to answer her dad, but at just two months is not so simple; so she concentrates and after a few failed attempts she pronounces three words that…

Dad, did you understand everything?

Some people believe that children have the ability to speak their own language.

This mom turns a simple braid into a new hairstyle in just 5 seconds

The braid is very popular with girls, but also among adult women has never ceased to be fashionable. In this simple tutorial we show how a mom turns a simple braid into a lovely hairstyle.
Children DIY Hair Tricks Tutorial

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