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"God doesn't make mistakes": father loses his wife but finds the strength to raise his daughter with Down Syndrome on his own

Life can be extremely unfair sometimes. Certain people, however, believe that the obstacles that life throws at us are merely part of God's divine plan. Although we can't see it in the moment, he uses…

Doctors declare a newborn dead: he comes back to life after 2 hours thanks to contact with his mother

When Kate Ogg gave birth to her two twins, the moment of joy due to such a happy event was immediately filled with anguish and sadness. Anyone would have felt these sensations seeing that one of the two…

This 6 year old already has a sculpted physique like an Olympic champion and wants to become a successful footballer

If you think there is a right age to join the gym and build muscle, well the answer is that there probably isn't; of course, when you are young it is really difficult to reach perfect gym fitness, yet…

The 105-year-old great-grandfather who embraces his newborn grandchild in a splendid affectionate scene

There are images that have the power to tell us a thousand things without requiring too many words or too many explanations. We are talking about all those photos that, in themselves, contain enormous…

During the day, a bricklayer, in the evening a rider: a single father takes his 3-year-old son to work to be close to him

Working and being able to keep to all commitments, promises and relationships, living with peace of mind, is not at all simple. We all know it well, often finding ourselves, for one reason or another,…

This 4-year-old boy managed to defeat Coronavirus despite fighting cancer

Archie is a 4 year old boy who unfortunately is going through a very difficult period. The fight against cancer that has been going on since 2019 was not enough, he has also been challenged by Coronavirus.…

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