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Appeal from a group of mothers: "remove children's videos from social media, they are not safe"

In recent years we have seen a real boom in the popularity and use of social media platforms. Starting from Facebook, on to Instagram and then Tik Tok, there are now many online communication channels…

Little girl upsets a monkey and the animal reacts violently: he grabs her hair and pulls hard until she breaks free

Some animals are man's best friend, we all know this very well. Many of us are used to contact with dogs, cats, birds and other creatures who, for centuries, have been"domesticated" and pet keeping is…

"Our son prefers to play and dress in a feminine way: we gave him total freedom of choice"

Being accepted by one's family, friends and society in general is a dream for each of us. We are always attentive to how others see us; we try to be seen in a positive light and we strongly want…

Distraught little girl cannot find her favorite hen and draws a lost poster: the web is moved

Pets are an integral part of the family and that is why as soon as they get sick, most owners immediately get concerned. Wouldn't you feel worried if a loved one wasn't feeling well? For most people…

Mother of 10 children is abandoned by her husband: "He did not think it possible that I could be expecting a fifth set of twins"

Falling pregnant or arrival of a baby is not always seen as a blessing, or at least, it is not so for everyone. There are those who want this with all their heart and manage to deal with it well - parents who…

Teacher falls ill in the classroom, but her 6-year-old pupils do not panic and call for help (+ VIDEO)

Faced with situations of emergency and urgency, it is necessary to know how to remain calm, act with a cool head and without panicking. It would seem reasonable that 6-year-olds would hardly be able…

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