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Children: 16 times they exasperated parents with their illogical behavior

Moms and dads from all over the world, we understand you perfectly; we know very well that raising a little darling at home is not easy at all, but look on the positive side: they are your children, and…

"Boys dance with girls": a mother corrects her son with Down syndrome after he danced with a little boy

We know, living in a family with a person with Down syndrome is not easy at all, but it is equally true that these "special" people have such a big heart that they could fill the whole world with their…

"Your child needs a dog": 17 photos full of sweetness describe the friendship between children and their puppies

If you believe your child doesn't need a dog, well, you're wrong and a Cambridge University study proves it! Regardless of whether or not you have the opportunity to adopt a puppy, a 2017 study, carried…

A teacher interrupts the lesson to rock his student's baby: he was crying non-stop

Sometimes, it's the little unexpected gestures that change a day for the better. Any act of kindness, even the most trivial, has the power to improve our life and that of others. There is a psychology…

17 babies who, at few months old, have hair so long that it looks like they are wearing a wig

There is probably no greater joy than witnessing the birth of your child. Even if the first time is never forgotten, it is always an incredible emotion to see a second bundle being born and growing day…

At 2 years old he knows how to wash dishes, cook and prepare tea: this mother uses the Montessori method with her son

Many parents think that the best way to raise their children is to let them be free to explore the world around them, to walk barefoot, to live out their childhood without problems, worries and responsibilities.…

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