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21 parents who have devised clever tricks to keep their children under control!

The world of children is magical --- that is to say, that in their eyes the most common scientific and rational laws of nature do not apply, and - even more wonderfully - everything is yet to be discovered,…

Here is why scientists advise preserving your children's milk teeth

Each of us has memories related to when our first milk tooth fell out, a tooth that probably your mother or your father has jealously preserved as a keepsake for all these years. According to the researchers,…

This young boy let his hair grow for two years to give it to children with cancer

To show kindness and love towards others, one does not necessarily need to make grand gestures, one only needs the courage to act and the will to continue to do so. Every individual has within themself…

A woman is assisted by 40 doctors for a delivery that occurs once every 480 years

For a couple in love, the arrival of a child is the greatest joy, the crowning achievement of their life project.  Along with the love and happiness, there is certainly a bit of anxiety for an event…

It takes parents six years to recover lost sleep after their newborn baby's birth

Babies that are newborn or just a few months old have their own rhythms and they self-manage themselves, sleeping when they feel the need and crying when they are hungry or if something is bothering them.…

Being a godfather or a godmother is an honor that lasts a lifetime

There are bonds that, although not natural - like that between parents and their children - take on value and authority by virtue of other factors. Case in point is the relationship between godmother…

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