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Take your young child's tablet away and give him or her a musical instrument

Today, technology offers children and adolescents increasingly more complex and captivating games and pastimes.  Video games and tablets seem to be able to provide much more elaborate stimuli to children…

Children who help with the household chores will be successful adults

Among the many tasks that parents must cope with are household chores, usually scheduled for the weekend, when "at least" you do not have to go to work - a detail that still does not help in making these…

Children are babies only once so let's enjoy their presence, without thinking too much about the future

It is true that in the first weeks and months of our children's lives our own lives will undergo major changes. In fact, our lifestyle will change to give way to another routine, namely, that of a father…

An irascible father negatively influences the cognitive and emotional development of his children

Parents have a huge influence on their children, both consciously and unconsciously: even the moods of parents are reflected in their children's cognitive and emotional development.  This means that…

In the first year of an infant's life, parents lose more than 700 hours of sleep

Those who have children have learned the hard way and at their own expense that, very young babies have the delightful habit of waking up repeatedly during the night.  Although every newborn baby is…

The wounds in children's hearts caused by an absent mother ...

Our mother is that unique and fundamental being who - for better or for worse - will be an indispensable reference point throughout our life. However, quite understandably - it is in the very early childhood…

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