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A little girl missing for two days returns home safe and sound! Her pit bull dog had protected her night and day!

In many families, there are situations of social hardship that risk endangering the lives of its younger members. A case in point is Charlee, two years old, who had been entrusted to her grandmother that,…

You turn around and your child has disappeared! Here is what you need to do immediately!

The news, unfortunately, is full of episodes in which children are lost in public or crowded places, sometimes with dramatic epilogues. For a parent, the mere thought of turning around and not finding…

We need to teach our children that it is more honorable in life, to be honest than to be a clever trickster!

Is it better to be honest or "smart" (a clever trickster)? In the past, answering this question in public had only one possible answer which was to prefer the first hypothesis and to keep the latter as…

This is what happens to your child's brain when you communicate by yelling

Being a parent is the most beautiful and complicated job that exists, and there is no doubt about this. Raising and loving our children also implies knowing how to educate them properly. However, unfortunately,…

The mother of his child abandons them both after the baby's birth but 10 months later their life has totally changed

Becoming a parent can be both a wonderful and difficult experience, an experience that is full of satisfaction but also many obstacles. Not everyone, however, is ready when the time comes, for some people…

For a child, their godmother is like a second mother and here are what her commitments are ...

The figures of the godmother and of the godfather have a slightly different value based on the religion and culture of a particular people or a single family unit. In Christian doctrine, in general, godmothers…

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