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This psychologist has translated certain behaviors of children into a language understandable to parents

The lack of communication between parents and children is a constant for every new generation. However, there is a specific period of life in which young children do not yet possess the proper tools to…

This 9-year-old girl has invented a brilliant system to keep parents from forgetting their children in the car ...

It may seem hard to believe, if not impossible, but unfortunately, the news channels report  - and have also reported in the past --- news stories about a phenomenon that is still present and sadly possible.…

If your child is disrespectful, it is a good idea to follow these valuable tips to know how to correct their bad behaviors

According to the mainstream media and social media networks, the current generation of young people is the rudest and undisciplined generation of young people ever seen. In this statement, there is some…

This 11-year-old girl escaped from a kidnapper thanks to a clever stratagem devised by her mother!

Every parent sooner or later lives that particular state of apprehension when their children become old enough to have some autonomy, but they are not yet mature enough to protect themselves from danger.…

If your child articulates these 10 statements, it means that you are excellent parents

Those who have children know this well - parenting a child is not easy - and it is possible to truly realize this only when you have your own children and as parents, you have to try to raise them. No…

A father goes through several red lights and his 5-year-old son calls the police and says: "Arrest him."

Nothing escapes children. This statement could be the moral of this singular story that we are about to share with you. The story is set in Germany, in the Bavarian city of Wurzburg, and was posted on…

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