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They celebrate their girl's first birthday with photos: a woman attacks them and destroys the set

For their little daughter Anja's first birthday, parents Isaiah and Kelyn Allen wanted to do something special and memorable, having a day that would be nice to remember in the future. As with all parents,…

She abandoned her newborn daughter, leaving a heartbreaking message: "I don't want her to live the hell I'm living in"

One of the things that we should all learn to put into practice more often is to abandon our prejudices and try not to judge the actions of other people, especially when we do not know the reasons for…

A little girl sees that the neighbor offers her "4-legged brothers" a treat every day and decides to follow in their footsteps

Having animal companions enriches our lives, makes them more cheerful, interesting and in a word "better". Adopting a sweet furry friend is a good idea at any age. But when there are also young children,…

A little girl bursts into tears when she sees that all her classmates are there on the day of her adoption

Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure. A saying that hides a great truth, because in fact, even through the most complicated adversities of our life or when we feel particularly alone, we know that…

A 9-year-old girl is left out by her peers: "she is too fat, too ugly and too poor"

Unfortunately, some children learn from an early age what it means to deal with human cruelty. We are obviously talking about all the young victims of bullying and exclusion, who never deserve this treatment…

"Family wanted": 5 siblings ask to be adopted together by a loving family

The oldest is 11, the youngest is 2; all five are desperately looking for a family to adopt them, as long as they can stay together under the same roof. This is the special request of 5 brothers from…

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