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Michelin Airless Tires Are In A Class Of Their Own!

Here in this video, in a direct confrontation to compare their effectiveness, we see a challenge between three types of tires. Namely, hard surface bias tires, hard surface traction tires, and the new…

China Reveals The World's First Virtual No-rails Train Track!

China has created and produced the first tram-bus that travels without rails! This innovative public means of transport is driven by electric impulse and guiding its direction is the combination of rubber…

Discover A Wheelchair That Facilitates FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT!

Giving paralyzed people the ability to walk again is still a mirage, even if the scientific community is making great strides forward. However, improving the lives of people confined to a wheelchair is…

The Function Of The Narwhal Whale Tusk Revealed By A Drone!

For some time now, there has been a new way of exploring the world, namely through the use of drones. These devices can go everywhere, are quiet and discreet and are equipped with the latest generation…

Discover Hydroponic Gardening And Grow Your Own Food!

Many people who are interested in producing their own vegetables find an important obstacle on their path, namely the amount of land they have available which is often too little to accommodate a small…

A Device Gives Parkinson's Patients The "lift" They Need!

Tremor is one of the most debilitating aspects of Parkinson's disease. The sufferer is forced to abandon almost all daily activities, even though they are mentally capable of performing them.  Even eating…

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