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8 Hidden Features On Your Android Smartphone

Always having a smartphone at hand does not necessarily mean knowing how to use it to perfection. There are Android touch-screens features of that most people do not know about. Therefore, for this reason,…

10 Unknown Functions On Your Smartphone That You Will Start Using Immediately

All (or most) of us own a smartphone. This tool has become more and more important for us over the years. Whether it is to find information quickly, to take photos or make or watch videos that we consider…

11 Inventions That Will Make You Understand How Fast Technology Is Progressing!

If a few years ago they had told you they could create a robot dog, would you have believed what they were saying? Well, you could hardly have believed such a promise but instead, technology, like always,…

23 Photos That Will Create A Feeling Of Nostalgia In All Those Who Were Children In The 1990s

Now every child has the latest generation of smartphones, watches tutorials on YouTube and plays with their tablet and PlayStation, but there was a time when the choice was of a different kind and much…

7 Practical Uses For A Smartphone That You May Not Already Know

As we know, a smartphone is capable of doing many out of the ordinary things. If we leave out the most common features, such as calling even if you are abroad, downloading an incalculable amount of state-of-the-art…

A $2 Million Caravan? Look Inside And You'll Understand Why It's Worth It!

The idea is from Volkner Mobil, a German company that has designed a luxurious and spacious caravan that will make you consider four-wheeled trips as never before. If you step into a "Performance S",…

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