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Video Of Technology

Make Your Own Mini- Vacuum Cleaner! Check It Out!

With a little manual skill, you can create amazing things! Some projects can be really complicated and some even if they are demanding are more achievable. In this case, the video shows us how to build…

An Indestructible Liquid Film Provides Total Protection! Incredible!

The ProtecPax is a liquid glass compound that when applied to the glass surface of a smartphone screen provides a strength of resistance up to 600 times higher than the average, with an efficiency guaranteed…

See Rainwater Transformed Into Safe Drinking Water!

Have you ever wondered why no one had yet invented a device that is able to collect rainwater and reuse it so that all those liters of rainwater that flood our cities and flows into the gutters are not…

Innovative "Old School" Typewriter Keyboard! Check It Out!

The Qwerkywriter is a wireless keyboard that turns any device into an old school traditional typewriter! Yes, smartphones, tablets, even laptops and desktop PCs can be transitioned with this impressive…

Breathtaking 7D Hologram Of A Gigantic Whale! WoW!

Okay, admittedly, it is certainly not an experience even remotely comparable to going to do actual "whale watching" in Scandinavia or in Patagonia! Nevertheless, the technology that allows for the creation…

Cut Your Baguette Using An "ultrasound" Knife?! Wow!

Ultrasonic blades are instruments that are widely used in major industries such as in the textile and plastic sectors, but did you know that you can also use these incredible blades in the kitchen? In…

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