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Technology And A Clever Idea Combine To Save Lives!

At sea, life-threatening danger is always around the corner, and this is why the role of lifeguards is crucial. However, often their physical strength and preparation may not be enough to quickly resolve…

Wristocat - - Magnetic Therapy While You Work Or Play!

Those forced to work long hours at the computer may encounter problems with their hands, this limb is in fact in constant tension, even when it is resting on the mouse.  The tendons in your hands may…

Powerful Disc And Chain Trenchers Get The Job Done! Wow!

If you love big trucks and machines then you will watch this video more than once! Do you know anything about trencher machines? Well, these fabulous machines are used to dig trenches and canals from…

Innovative Glove Transmutes Sign Language Into Spoken Words!

In the world, there are about 70 million people who use sign language to communicate! Now imagine that there is an invention which allows these people to easily communicate not only with those who in…

Fast, Efficient, No Cash Grocery Shopping With Amazon GO!

Enter a supermarket, pass your smartphone over a scanner, do your shopping and leave with your groceries without ever having to pull out your wallet. This is the idea proposed by Amazon GO with its latest…

Here's Someone Who Will Cook Whenever And Whatever You Want!

It would be nice to come home from work every night and not have to cook dinner and instead find on the table a nice hot meal ready to be eaten. Thanks to technology, this can be possible, and will not…

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