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Video Motivational

In This Experiment One Child Receives Food And The Other Does Not --- Their Reaction Is A Great Lesson

The soul of a child is still devoid of all the negativity that unfortunately develops with age, for this reason, we should turn our gaze more often to their gestures and learn a lesson. Watch this video…

She Cuts Off Her Long Blonde Hair For The BEST Of Reasons .....

This young lady, Viki Emily Evans, seems to have lost her mind as we see her holding a pair of office scissors to drastically cut off her beautiful long blonde hair. Contrary to what this may seem, however,…

EATKRAUS ---Dare To Dream -- Dare To Succeed!

Being able to make a dream come true may require patience and a huge amount of work, especially if you are not lucky enough to be around people who encourage and support you.  Nevertheless, when you…

This Dancer Breaks The Rules To Prove There Are NO LIMITS!

My name is Lizzy Howell and in life, I am a dancer. It may sound like something that many people say but this girl makes this statement knowing that for her (and the nearly 80,000 people who follow her…

This Dad Had An Idea That Helps To COLOR The World HAPPY!

It all started at a dinner at a restaurant with his family! Bryan Ware asked the waiter to bring him some crayons and paper to entertain his young children during the evening. Intrigued, he asked what…

One Ping-pong Match And Two Players With A Total Of Two Hands?! What?

He lost both arms at age ten because of an accident and, as he himself explains: "In the village where I lived the most popular sports were football and ping-pong (table tennis). So immediately, after…

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