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The Principal Punishes Her Daughter For Hitting A Classmate But The Mother's Response Makes Him Feel Ashamed

Anyone who is a parent knows how much fear can be provoked by a phone call from their child's school when the parent is at work! Naturally, parents start to think of the worst scenario, they fear for…

15 Significant Phrases By José Mujica, The Most Humble (and Poorest) President In The World

 José "Pepe" Mujica was President of Uruguay from 2010 to 2015. A political activist since 1952, in 2009 he won the presidential elections and held office for a single term, deciding not to seek re-election…

If You Have Lost Your Self-confidence, Then Just Read This Parable To Regain It In A Moment

A persona can be born with low self-confidence or esteem or you can lose it over time due to negative experiences. In any case, it is always good to try to regain it, to be able to live better in the…

Shortly Before His Death, The Greatest Japanese Swordsman Wrote 21 Life Precepts That Are Worth Reading!

You probably do not know the name of Miyamoto Musashi, but you know that the Japanese tradition celebrates the art of skillfully using the sword. In fact, Miyamoto is still considered today the greatest…

A Girl With Down Syndrome Conquers The Most Important Catwalks In The World --- Here She Is In All Her Beauty!

Madeline Stuart has entered into history as the first girl with Down syndrome to have broken down barriers and been successful in the world of fashion! More importantly, she has continued to expand the…

A Flight Attendant Recognizes The Condition Of A Passenger And Makes A Gesture That Does Not Go Unnoticed!

Flight attendants are prepared to do their job with a focus on kindness to passengers, but what an employee of the US airline Delta did went far beyond the regular in-flight customer assistance service.…

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