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This Young Disabled Basketball Player Still Makes Stunning Shots!

Many people have commented on this video saying that "to mark a player without arms is difficult because you feel that it is just not right (not morally correct)". Nevertheless, we think that in order…

Clean The World --- And Change History!

One of the biggest problems of the times in which we live is the waste of food and other materials. Often we do not even realize how much waste we create and that a lot of it could be eliminated, if only…

Unsupersize Me! An Inspiring Weight Loss Story .....

In the same way as other substances such as drugs and alcohol, overeating can become a flown blown addiction.  The reasons that are the basis of weight gain go far beyond a simple unhealthy diet, and…

Discover "Caroline's Cart" --- Designed To Make Life Easier For Caregivers!

For years, as a mother of a disabled girl, Ms. Long had difficulty going to the grocery store and shopping with her daughter. In fact, how do you push a shopping cart and a wheelchair at the same time?…

In This Experiment One Child Receives Food And The Other Does Not --- Their Reaction Is A Great Lesson

The soul of a child is still devoid of all the negativity that unfortunately develops with age, for this reason, we should turn our gaze more often to their gestures and learn a lesson. Watch this video…

She Cuts Off Her Long Blonde Hair For The BEST Of Reasons .....

This young lady, Viki Emily Evans, seems to have lost her mind as we see her holding a pair of office scissors to drastically cut off her beautiful long blonde hair. Contrary to what this may seem, however,…

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