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Kindness And Compassion Are On Stage At A Coldplay Concert!

Few other things can cause such excitement and enthusiasm as being present at your favorite singer's live concert. What happened during a Coldplay's live performance makes us believe that there is still…

Although, She Cannot Hear -- She Sure Can SING!

Mandy Harvey has been singing since she was 4 years old, but a disease that affects the connective tissue in her ears took away her hearing when was 18 years old. Nevertheless, Mandy decided to not give…

A Normal Day Full Of Wonderful "Mommy Magic"!

To her husband's question, "How was your day?" She responds by listing the many activities that she and their two children had been engaged in during the day, always running from one place to another. …

Be Bold! If You Are YOU! Check It Out!

During the filming of a TV program in which two strangers go out to dinner together something happened that has thrilled many internet users worldwide!  At the restaurant, the young woman reveals that…

This Young Disabled Basketball Player Still Makes Stunning Shots!

Many people have commented on this video saying that "to mark a player without arms is difficult because you feel that it is just not right (not morally correct)". Nevertheless, we think that in order…

Clean The World --- And Change History!

One of the biggest problems of the times in which we live is the waste of food and other materials. Often we do not even realize how much waste we create and that a lot of it could be eliminated, if only…

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