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These Photos Changed This Syrian Refugee's Life!

The outbreak of a war in the place where you live means many things  --- it means risking losing people you love, risking not being able to feed your children, and it means risking losing your job. …

A Life Lesson We All Can Learn From ...

Each parent lives the important moments of their children's lives with an emotion and intensity that their children often do not even realize. One of those moments is the transition from one school grade…

One Teacher's Message About Bullying

A teacher had a brilliant idea that would encourage her students to think about what bullying truly means.  Since the teacher did not want to resort to heavy conversations and complicated philosophical…

A Message From #TheWaterProject ...

We wake up, go to the kitchen and drink a glass of water directly from the faucet in our home. Nothing is easier. But as we know, water is not an endless resource, and unfortunately for many people,…

"Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way!"

Chinese people love to use proverbs and idiomatic expressions when they tell stories about something and among the many that they have, one of the best known is definitely:"The Old Fool Who Moved the…

Look At One Woman's Successful Weight Loss Program!

Obesity is an increasingly widespread condition in today's world, caused by an ever-growing number of food and diet imbalances. In fact, the overwhelming presence on the market of refined foods, full…

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