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Discover This Fantastic Iceberg Wedge Salad Recipe! Wow!

Iceberg lettuce, thanks to the fragrance of its leaves, is one of the most popular types of lettuce ever, but if the idea to stick to a simple salad dressing does not please you, then here is a much more…

Asparagus And Parmesan Cheese --- A Very Tasty Combination!

You know what is the ingredient that should never be missing in the kitchen? Fantasy! In any case, perhaps you now realize that the number of recipes that you can prepare is virtually endless and that…

"Eggs On A Cloud"! --- A Trendy New Way To Prepare Eggs!

They are the latest fashion of the moment! In fact, in England, they do not cook eggs in any other way, everyone is going crazy for this new cooking technique. Maybe, it is not as "new" as they are saying…
Food Kitchen Tricks

Freeze Your Lemons And Maximize Their Utility!

Lemons are have always been one of those foods that remain in the refrigerator when there is absolutely nothing else! However, it is also true that in times of need often we discover that we do not have…

Discover A Tasty Avocado, Egg, And Toast Recipe!

If you have not yet introduced avocados into your kitchen, this is the recipe to start!  In fact, this exotic fruit lends itself particularly to a wide range of preparations given its very delicate taste.…

"Filindeu" The Rarest Pasta In The World Is Sardinian!

The Italian pasta named "filindeu" is a typical local pasta made in Nuoro, a city found on the magnificent island of Sardegna! In keeping with the ancient tradition, this pasta is completely made by…

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