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Spicy Italian Eggplants! Here's How To Prepare Them With Very Few Ingredients

The Mediterranean diet is famous all over the world because it is both healthy and tasty. Vegetables occupy a prominent place in Italian cuisine and today we will take a look at eggplants, a vegetable…

 This Is What Happens To Your Body If You Eat Three Dates Per Day

Dates are the fruits of a particular type of palm tree typical of Mediterranean Africa and Western Asia that lives for over three hundred years, producing up to 50 pounds (22 kg) of dates each year. Known…

Panini Created With A Blender! This Is An Embarrassingly Simple Recipe That Will Conquer The Whole Family!

Bread was once made at home, but today it has become increasingly difficult to find the time to prepare it yourself every day. But not always. Whether you forgot to buy bread, or simply want to entertain…

Eggplant Gratin! Here Is A Baked Recipe That You Will Not Get Tired Of!

Eggplant gratin is a recipe that best enhances the taste of eggplants! Baked and combined with melting cheese at high temperatures, eggplants are really irresistible. The cooking instructions are so easy…

7 Very Valid Reasons To Include Celery In Your Daily Diet

We know that eating vegetables every day, as we should, can be difficult and, even if you like them, they can quickly become boring. This is why it is important to find new ways to cook and enjoy them…

Spinach Veggie Balls! Here Is A Quick And Easy Recipe To Prepare That Even Children Will Love

Ever since Popeye got his sweetheart, Olive Oyl out of trouble every time he ate one or two cans of spinach, children have seen this prodigious vegetable as pretty cool. However, it is still not always…

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