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I forgot my mobile ..

Our mobile phones have changed our lives and this video explains it in a few minutes. Look at it !

He puts tape on the phone and colors it: what he does is shocking!

With this tutorial you can turn the camera on your cell phone in a ultraviolet (UV) machine. Follow these simple steps (you need a bit 'of tape and markers), turn off the flash and try to frame objects.…

This is what happened to the first iPhone 6 bought in Australian ! FAIL !!

Emotion can play tricks and should be contain, especially for handling delicate objects, such as a brand new iPhone 6...

A new way to steal your smartphone! Watch this!

A story broadcast on a Brazilian TV news channel shows one of the latest techniques that criminals have developed to steal smartphones! The technique is very effective and it will not take long before…

8 secrets regarding smartphones that very few people know

Are you one of those individuals who is constantly looking for new apps for their smartphone, hoping to find the one that is truly useful and that you cannot do without? If that is the case, then this…

A young boy continues to peek at a man's smartphone, so he gives it to the boy and allows him to play instead

It happens sometimes that people surprise us. In a big city, it can be difficult to notice the small gestures that, besides being entertaining, also manage to warm the heart for being spontaneous and…

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