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They have to take their parrot to the vet: his reaction makes them die laughing!!

As no child loves going to the doctor, no animal likes to go to the vet, and birds are no exception. In fact, when the owner of this parrot tells him it's time to go to the vet and shows him the cage,…

The mother is filming dad and their daughters on a balcony...WAIT! Something absolutely FABULOUS is about to happen!

In this video, we see a man taking his two daughters out onto a balcony while the mother is filming with a camera. As soon as the father sets foot on the balcony, he makes a very particular sound known…

A parrot jumps on the sink: what happens next will make you smile ! :)

You've probably seen before animals enjoying a refreshing swim, but to see them open the water and adjust the temperature is not what you see everyday! This beautiful parrot named Miss and became famous…

All this parrot needs is a base with the piano, and what comes out next is a surprising melody !

The cockatiel parrot is very appreciated for its lively character and his ability to learn. His ability to repeat sounds takes a little 'exercise and the animal needs some time to learn a specific sound,…
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Hey Cody !!

Here's someone who knows how to charm a lady! Cody, a 1o year old parrot, uses a mixture whistles, funny words and movements to snatch kisses from his ​​friend.
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Listen what this parrot learned to do: you will not believe your ears

Everyone knows that parrots are versatile animals, but seeing really how far they can push it, never fails to impress us. In this case he's learned to perfectly imitate the cry of a newborn and his performance,…

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