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This parrot loves dancing, but in the end he does even more ... !

It's no secret that music and dance help calm the nerves and are beneficial for the mind and body, so the parrot Louie didn't miss the chance. His owner wanted to film what he does every time he hears…

A little bird didn't make it, but you will not believe the reaction of his friend

It is well known that parrots have incredible social relations, to the point that when their partner dies they reject anyone else. In this touching video, for example, a parrot is dead, but his friend…

Every day this man puts rice on the roof of the house: the reason why will surprise you

They call him "Birdman" and is now famous throughout the world: this man feeds every day about 4,000 parakeets. It was after the 2004 tsunami that two parrots arrived at his home and he decided to feed…
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Listen what this parrot learned to do: you will not believe your ears

Everyone knows that parrots are versatile animals, but seeing really how far they can push it, never fails to impress us. In this case he's learned to perfectly imitate the cry of a newborn and his performance,…

She finds a parrot and takes him home, but soon after finds out what he can do ...

The woman who made the video has brought home a parrot, who, as you can see, has broken beak due to an accident. Shortly after, however, she discovered that the animal had a hidden talent: as soon as…

He can't leave the house because it's raining ... his reaction is tremendous!

The parrot that you see in the video is Eric and loves going outside. On rainy days, however, this is not possible, and you have to be very patience. But patience is not his strong point: at some point…

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