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He starts filming his parrot -- but just listen to what happens next --- you will find it fascinating!

It is no secret that pets can make our lives much better. We are not just talking about the comfort and love that they give, but also the fun moments that, we know, are so good for the heart! Apparently,…
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This parrot imitates so perfectly a crying baby... it is hard to believe!

Parrots are birds that are capable of imitating sounds and noises they hear frequently. The largest species, those that live in Africa and South America, also manage to imitate perfectly human voices.…

A woman places a parrot on its perch.... When the music starts it's impossible not to laugh!

The Lambada is a popular dance that has inspired countless dancers at many parties, especially those fantastic parties of the 1980s. In fact, most of the music from the 1980s is incredible, full of irresistible…

The mother is filming dad and their daughters on a balcony...WAIT! Something absolutely FABULOUS is about to happen!

In this video, we see a man taking his two daughters out onto a balcony while the mother is filming with a camera. As soon as the father sets foot on the balcony, he makes a very particular sound known…

He was born malformed and lived isolated: the owner has an AMAZING idea to save it

This is the story of Benjamin, a parrot, that left everyone in tears. Born with a malformation that forced him to stay with the legs spread apart, he's isolated from parents and siblings that prevent…

She gives her parrot a paper towel, but didn't expect this!

Of all the birds that can be kept at home, parrots are for sure those, in addition of being charming or elegant, that can make us laugh the most. In this case a cute ittle parrot was given a simple napkinand…
Animals Parrots Wtf

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